Monday, February 23, 2015

Oscar doodling

Doodled during the Oscars last night--
Meet Henri and Oscar who came to life 
by first glueing down random (the heavy lines) paper prompts
and then making a story out of them.
Henri has two prompts and Oscar has four.
Fun to be silly and just do it.
All inspired by The Year of the Spark.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Today I will Choose Joy

 In MATS Bootcamp our assignment was to make wall art
on a piece of roundish wood.
 So I first sealed the part of the wood that I planned to paint on,
then sketched the general idea.
 Painting commenced and I found it rather hard to get 
the acrylics to flow and blend.  
Fought it the entire time....

But I persevered and eventually these happy souls appeared-
A bear delivers flowers to a crow in need of encouragement,
and a young girl and corgi welcome the two to their cozy home
for tea and scones by the fire.
I wish I could join them.
 Words of affirmation were added
 to remind me that I have a choice everyday 
to love and experience joy,
or squelch it.
It really is that simple.
so today I will choose Joy!
This oval 11x14" rough edged piece of wood 
would love to adorn your wall 
and remind you to 
give flowers
 or words of affirmation
or whatever is needed
 to those around you each and every day. 
$150 - email me if interested or it will go to the gallery soon.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Have a Meowy Valentine's Day!

Sent this Valentine across the country to my granddaughter.
She loves seeing Matteo when we Skype
so I figured he could wear a tutu and crown while they danced together.
Hope she is old enough to smile.
Happy Valentine's day!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Musings Notebook for MATS Bootcamp

I am loving Lilla Rogers'
Make Art that Sells Bootcamp.
Our first assignment was to sketch Edwardian brooches
which was quite fun.
This assignment morphed into turning these sketches into a cover for a journal.
The final drawings are displayed on her site.
How fun is that?

I thought you might like to see my initial sketch.
I wanted to make a journal that I would buy,
and as this wasn't for an actual client,
I didn't make the jewelry the focal point.
So I decided to fill the pages with the way my art desk actually looks with art stacked everywhere.
A notebook should be for lots of ideas and brainstormings don't you think?
Not neat but messy which allows for more
musings, meandering and markings.
Then I decided I needed my own copy.
So I was happy with it for my first project.
Now on to the next one.
You can see my project and all the other beautiful submissions here.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

More Snow Globes iPad Style!

 It's that time of year again when we make snow globes!
Only this year one of my iPad classes is studying fairy tales
so we made Hansel and Gretel candy cottages in that class...
Each is enveloped in snow of frosting and candy.
First the students drew their cottages.
 Then we cropped them into a circle.
They cut them out,
added ephemera, 
colored the globe with white snowflakes,
and glued 3/4s of the cover on,
which left an opening for me to add the glitter.
 I took them home,
warned the cat to hide,
got out the glitter,
 and started stitching and filling each globe.
 I will be seeing glitter for quite some time...
such is the small price for beauty.
Ahh pure joy!
These are all based on my original snow globe taught years ago.  
You can see the original lesson here.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Word for 2015 - Do you have yours yet?

 Welcome to 2015
The sun is out on this brisk day and there is a touch of spring in the air.  The newly purchased daffodils on my counter are tilting their heads toward the low sun on the horizon.  And I finally have decided my word for the year.  Some people make resolutions soon to be broken, and some artists like to have a word for the whole year to meditate upon, and infuse their art with it.  I have flittered through several words the past week and none seemed to latch on or excite... until today.  The word I have chosen, or did it choose me, is REJOICE !  
I love, love, love this quote by John Calvin.  It speaks the truth that I need to remember daily. We were created to take delight in and feel joyful, to be gladdened, to revel, to celebrate.  The dictionary defines rejoice as "to feel great joy or delight, to gladden, show revelry, to experience joy and gladness in a high degree; to be exhilarated with lively and pleasurable sensations; to exult."  And the person doing this is a rejoicer - ha love that.

This year I want to dance in paint, to laugh as I create, to let my brush sing, the pencil jump, and my finger glide across the iPad.  I have forgotten the joy of simply creating; instead the business end of it, the self critical nature, the comparison to what other artists are doing online (which of course is always more than me) seems to trip me up.  Enough of this nonsense... when did this love of art slowly slip away to be replaced by the drudgery.  I vow to make art and enjoy the process with this God-given gift, for the sheer pleasure of it, to be wowed by color and texture, to love line, and hopefully the end product will bless others.

John Calvin also said, We are cold when it comes to rejoicing in God.  Hence, we need to exercise ourselves in it and employ all our senses in it - our feet, our hands, our arms and all the rest - that they might serve in the worship of God and so magnify Him. *

So go fingers, go!  Make a dance of delight in creating with abandon!

*Thanks to Ann Voskamp for reminding me of the quotes.

As I sat and pondered the sun rays coming in and bouncing off my grandmother's sideboard I found the word rejoice to be quite fitting.  Life really is in the details and small things.  If you sign up for my newsletter over on the right side of this blog post you will be able to download these two photos to remind you to rejoice! in the beauty of this world and notice the small things that might otherwise go unnoticed.

So do you have a word for 2015?  Ponder some words that pop up in your readings and hearings, and try one on for a while.  Sit with it, roll it around out loud, and just maybe one will fit like a glove and become your friend, mentor, and muse for the year.  I would love to know what word you chose!  Blessings to you in 2015

Learn to Draw?

iPad Art
with Pamela Holderman
Come join the fun as we learn to doodle and draw flowers on the iPad.
I will be teaching a workshop Saturday March 14 from 1-4
at artEAST in Issaquah WA. 
All the info is here.
Questions?  Just let me know.