Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Graphic Arts and Illustration on the iPad this Summer!

Summer classes are taught
and Wow were they fun!
Junior High photos follow below...

First we made letters.
Then some cloches.
Next some pattern design...

which we used to decorate vases and flowers
and learn about layers
and how easy it is to slip those designs in behind our outlines.
And then we moved on to tunnel books...

and a cool app called Foldify.

Of course individual projects were realized too.
I am already missing these little artists.  

Thursday, July 23, 2015

summer snippets

This summer has been full to the brim of sun!
Such a novelty for us at first.
Even for the cat.
We worked in it...
And played in it.
 And I created new friends,
 and pondered what to paint for an upcoming solo show.
And the beautiful sunsets
have been amazing.
 And I taught kids to draw on the iPad and 
still make a mess too.
 And I endured a bad migraine.
And watched my cat dreaming of birds.
And the summer isn't even close to being over.
What are you up to?
I would love to hear.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Some Lettering Fun!

If you have kids,
or know of kids,
or you are kid-like in spirit,
then this lettering project is for you.
You can either draw a letter in your name
or make a random design.
So first draw a thick black letter in Brushes XP or similar app.
Then use a thinner brush line and make a design 
all over and off the edges of your picture.
Then open another layer and move it under the first layer
and start coloring in your designs.
your coloring will automatically fall behind the black lines.
Use warm colors for your letter and cool for the background.
These pieces show the finished piece and the second layer
with the black lines hidden.
Kind of fun to see the design that way.
I highly recommend that you add patterns and dots 
to your art to give it a finished look.

You may find this is rather addictive.
The kids were very quiet and really got into this process.
I hope you will too.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Do you want to be a Digital Nomad?

Our last assignment in Lilla Rogers' Bootcamp 
was to draw an illustration 
for an article on Digital Nomads.
I could just picture myself living out of a caravan with a few pets,
traveling to art fairs, and exploring new cities.
Maybe my husband and I will consider this when we retire.
I still love drawing on my iPad,
and I am afraid to admit that I may be a tad addicted.
I just updated, cleaned out files etc. 
on 16 iPads at two different schools where I teach.
Phew that was a job.
So here is to retirement and traveling the globe.
A girl can dream right?