Friday, February 25, 2011

Cowboys, Yogi Bear, and an Eames chair

another gem from the Selleck archives...
and I thought I did not like guns?
well obviously at one time 
I did enjoy a little point and shoot action
of the cowboy kind.
my brother's expression is priceless.
and did you notice Yogi Bear seems to be putting 
his arms up in disbelief 
while happily sitting his furry tush 
on an original Eames wire chair?
ahh childhood...

Thursday, February 24, 2011


maybe I will ham it up for the photo -
321 'smile'...
found this photo of me at my dad's last week.
can't believe the quiet, reserved child 
that I remember myself to be 
was actually a diva at heart?
but I do remember that this is as close 
as I ever got to having fun at the piano.
and trust me - you don't ever want to hear me sing...
crayons were much more my thing.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

a Sunday blessing in a bottle cap

it is what it is...
for some reason I just love saying this little phrase -
it rolls off my tongue...
and for some reason my husband hates it.
so I had to present him with this bottle cap pin
and he keeps it on the counter by the espresso machine...
maybe a little caffeine helps him deal with those things
that are what they are.
I guess it depends on how you view it -
as a defeat or as a call to arms -
I think it is a call to rally - 
"now given this current lousy situation - 
what am I going to do about it?"
because we all know this world
can be a lousy place to live sometimes.

I guess I think of:
Don't worry about anything; 
instead, pray about everything.
Tell God what you need, 
and thank him for all he has done.
Phil 4:6 NLT
Well at least that is what I hope I do,
but more often it is some grumbling and complaining
that escapes my lips.
But I just love knowing that God wants to hear it all -
the good with the bad because

He is what He is!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

red, white and blue

 gotta love these guys -
they brighten up even the wintery of days...
 Sweet bird!  Thy bow'r is ever green,
thy sky is ever clear;
thou has no sorrow in thy song,
no winter in thy year.
John Logan
 February is merely as long as is needed
to pass the time until March.
JR Stockton
 In the depths of winter
I finally learned that within me
there lay an invincible summer.
Albert Camus
That's it for the winter projects -
on to spring I hope.
for all of her fantastic art ideas.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

doggie time...woof

Our last project combined 2D and 3D.
I wanted my students to think up a story about a dog
and bring her/him to life on a flat surface and in a small clay model.
So let me introduce you to Patches who loves the smell of fresh grass...
and Star who loves to play in the flowers...
and Bevo who runs doggy marathons...
and Spottie who also likes to play in the park
(wish my dog liked to do that)...
and Jewel who changed her name to Love...
and Scout - the only boy in the group...
and finally Flash whose owner is still working on her painting.
Air dry clay is just not the same as fired clay -
we are hoping for a new school kiln sometime in the near future.
And now a big shout out and thank you 
to Jenni Horne 
for the clay dog idea that started all this.
I happen to be partial to their crowns and name tags-
just gives them a whimsical feel.
I wonder if my dog would wear a tiara...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

a Valentines Day tail...

a Valentines Day tail 
(yes I am spelling it that way on purpose)
 for you...
Once upon the time there was a statue
who was very lonely.
She had lots of sparklies strewn around her neck
that her owner seldom wore.
So most days she spent being stoic 
and resigned to her uneventful life.
 But one fine spring day
her owner threw open the windows 
to let the lovely spring day make its way 
into the winter home.
And at that very same time a crow saw the open window 
and spotted the sparklies...
 and she called her mate to check it out
as it was nest building time.
So they asked the lonely bust
if they could use some of her treasures
for their nest
and they promised to visit often to tell her
of their 'tails' to far away places.
And of course she answered 'evermore'.
the end
 I just couldn't resist...
"But the raven, sitting lonely on that placid bust spoke only that one word,
as if his soul in that one word he did outpour...
then the bird said, "Nevermore".
 This project was an assignment from Misty Mawn's on-line class. 
I started with a magazine page and it just went from there.
I loved working on the texture of the bust
juxtaposed with the jewelry.
(used lots of stamps including a crackle stamp -
a technique I learned from one of Misty's classes at ArtFest)
Here is the first step
with the magazine picture from House Beautiful.
Just sent this piece to Misty.  
When it returns I will mount it to a wood base 
and probably add real beads and cross necklaces to it.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

if you give art club students pencils...

If you give art club students pencils,
they'll doodle awhile, then they'll want to use color.
So we'll get out the colored pencils...

but then they'll want to do wax resist
so we'll play with crayons and oil pastels...

when finished they'll want paint, 
so out will come the watercolors and acrylics
and fingers to apply the paint...

but one student will think we need tissue
and another stencils and stamps...

and another student will want buttons 
and glitter and laminate and
finally they'll ask their teacher to stitch the whole thing
into a book...

and then they'll want pencils for signing their names
and there will finally be smiles.

I am finally smiling as I pack this beautiful book 
made by my art clubbers.
It's going to Somerset Studio in response to their invitation 
for art related to "the Classics.
This is a take off of
"If you give a Moose a Muffin"
by Laura Numeroff.
Aren't they the best artists?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

drumroll please...the famous mustache belongs to Tom Selleck

here is Tom Selleck
and his famous mustache...
and here is Tom Selleck too
with his famous whiskers.

the first is my second or third cousin
and no I've never met him.
and the second was my kitty who was a huge stray tom cat 
when he came to live with us during the Magnum PI era -
hence the name.

so we have four winners of the contest from the last blog
thanks to Malia for the first accurate guess,
then Erin, Patsy and Dinnard for tagging along.
Your cards will be sent your way soon -
wish I could get Tom Selleck to deliver them.
and I almost forgot, my name is Pamela Selleck Holderman
and my son's is Nicholas Selleck Holderman.

Friday, February 4, 2011

lattes with my youngest...and a giveaway related to a mustache

well he would look good with a mustache wouldn't he?
 we met for lattes (this is Seattle and that is what we do).
he was stylin' with his new goorin hat...
and fit right in at the oddfellows cafe...
one of my new favorite spots.
 and we shared a crusty sandwich with mozzarella, basil and tomato
 and the prerequisite lattes...
and driving home I happened to spot the quintessential geese while I waited at the red light.
if you are ever on a quiz show and they ask
"what is Pam Holderman's favorite thing about living the pacific northwest?"
just answer canada geese and you might win a million dollars.
and now for something totally random -
and if you happen to find yourself on another quiz show 
and are poised to win yet another million dollars,
and the question is 
"who is Pam Holderman related to 
that is very famous 
and has a famous mustache?" 
well I can help you with that answer too...
leave a guess here under comments 
and just maybe you could win something from me too -
sorry not a million dollars sadly,
but the first 4 to get the correct answer will get some of my cards.
hint - 
if you are friends with me on facebook then take a gander 
(hee hee a goose word to go with our pacific northwest theme)
at my middle name and that might give you a hint.
more hints to follow if no one gets it...

and family members may not answer - 
as you obviously know already
and I will close this random post with Nick's wonderful tree photo that I tweaked a little.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

true love

Matteo has fallen hard...

well that would be the way she quickly paints
and adds collage 
and swirls her brush just so...
keeps him occupied for hours.
she suggested I get him a brush.
well I would but he has a bad habit of chewing on them.
news flash - he just stole my gum eraser and is stealthily slinking across the floor 
with it perched neatly in his mouth...