Thanks for joining my newsletter Pam's Posts.
Here is your first gift.
Feel free to download it and print it for friends,
make into cards, 
or just smile along with this happy couple.
As long as you are using it personally that is fine
as it still is copyrighted by me.
You will get more free 
in the future too.
It is a 300dpi jpg and you should be able to drag it 
onto your desktop or right click and save.
A cute card right?

The two below are pngs and you may again use them for personal use.
They are to remind you to be look to the small things each day 
and rejoice in the beauty that is all around!

And here are some holiday cards for your personal use too-
either to remind you of the season 
or to print for place settings.


  1. thank you pam!!!! great little pup pic:)... looking forward to future newsletters... and all kinds of inspirations from you.. thanks again.. xx jaci

  2. Thanks Jaci. I love seeing your beautiful paintings on Instagram. Keep 'em coming!

  3. This is wonderful Pam - I love your art and how you share your heart through it! There is something that resonates in me in nearly every one of your pieces! Thank you for the inspiring newsletter! Keep 'em coming!

  4. Very cute! Met you the other afternoon up in the Highlands and signed up for newsletter right away. Looking forward to keeping up with your doings. Lynn

  5. Hi Lynn. Thanks. Are you the one who is taking the Lifebook class?