Saturday, October 30, 2010


hee hee...
I just love photoshop 
and picnik.
This is what I started with
 from an old magazine
with old photo added in photoshop.
and here is another spooktacular photo...
and its original from Better Homes and Gardens
I do believe...
Have a spooky fun-filled Halloween weekend and 
enjoy Monday too
because that is All Saints Day and
my birthday...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Anthropologie is the best

got the Anthropologie e-mail today...
and these beauties took my breath away.
each is an original old painting on canvas...
made into a gorgeous bag.
(I just looked as I linked to this post 
and found the bags are no longer even listed 
on the first page like they were a couple of hours ago.)
 and I also got this from Anthro in the mail...
but I have to say that I am happy each of the bags is already sold 
because at $350-400 each, this coupon would not go far....
but I can dream!
and I am sure if I force myself,
I can find something to buy instead...
hee, hee

Sunday, October 24, 2010

a Sunday blessing

We are driven to create at this deep wordless level of the soul because we are all fashioned 
in the image of God who is an Artist.  
When we first encounter God in the Bible, it is not as the awesome Lawgiver 
or the Judge of the universe but as the Artist. 
 The language of Genesis is not flashy or grandiose; 
there is no waving of his great and powerful arm, 
no echoing of the mighty shout of the word of creation, 
no universe falling from his fingertips.  
Genesis tells us of his stepping back from the canvas of creation at the end of each day 
to examine his work and, 
like any painter or sculptor, 
with the utmost simplicity declaring, "Good".  
Like an artist he begins with the more fundamental forms.  
The light and darkness, the earth, air and water are his pencil sketch. 
 Next he moves up in complexity until at the top of the whole wonderful heap stands humanity.  
"Very good!" is his verdict.
Michael Card
Scribbling in the Sand
Today I am sharing with you two of my favorite books -
the above words are from Michael Card's 
Scribbling in the Sand, Christ and Creativity
which beautifully speaks of creativity and our yearning 
to create something meaningful that touches others.
This is my fall-back book that I return to over and over.
The photos are from this glorious huge book
that I discovered a couple years ago.
Sam Fink is a New Yorker whose family lives in Israel.  
As a gift to them he painted 40 stunning watercolors of Exodus 
along with words in Hebrew and English.
What a gift!
 It's a rainy blustery day here.
My body is feeling especially achey in parts 
so no church today,
but instead I am worshipping with these two books
while listening to a David Crowder mix on Pandora
(how did we survive before Pandora?).
We are planning a fire in the fireplace,
beef stew simmering on the stove and 
Nick is coming home to join us.
Blessings to each of you this week.
I just love hearing from you-
wish we could all meet up and have a great weekend together!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

fine feathered friends waiting for a home

a good art day... 
with my furry helper.
I think a little bird must have told him I was making birds,
and black ones at that,
and ones with sparklies...
for sale here
$5 each for a little piece of art by me...

looking for a good home to be loved and displayed on a shelf,
or shared with someone who likes sparklies and black
as much as I do.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dream Big!

Do you ever not dream big enough?
Today my prayer for you is that 
you would dream as big as possible,
the sky's the limit, 
let nothing get in your way,
just do it!
And then take one tiny step towards it,
just one baby step at a time...
Zoe thought she was in a dream beyond her wildest dreams.
She thought she had struck gold as we poured the big bag
of dog food into smaller containers.
Unbelief filled her mind - "How can this be?"
Do you ever do that?
I do more than I care to admit.
Even when a dream seems to land 'kerplunk'
right in my lap.
My brain has to analyze it... and dissect it...
Zoe quickly rallied and decided her eyes were not in fact deceiving her.
My guess is her olfactory sense took over
and she dove in lickety-split.
Poor thing, we quickly put a stop to it,
as truth be told she would eat until... well I would rather not say.
But she knows she has a cupboard stocked full of food and it is all hers!

My son is dreaming big too.
Just gave his first sermon at a church 
where he is doing an internship while at Princeton.
You can hear it here.

So what is your dream?
Where are you taking baby steps today?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

looks like fall around here...

I saw an owl.
He sat in a tree.
He opened one eye.
He winked at me.
time for after school owls...
sitting in front of a full harvest moon...
made with chalk pastel - can you tell?
A lesson on drawing owls results... 
in some very cute owls with personality.
Of course we needed interesting paper for leaves...
and our branches.
Such happy owls and proud artists!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

and the winner is...

the moment has finally arrived...
I know you have had your fingers and toes crossed,
you have been on pins and needles
and waiting with bated breath...
so let's end the suspense -
I put these on the floor in a circle
and booted the nose outside until the setup was complete.
 then I set Zoe in the middle of the circle 
and let her nose do its thing.
Tina Eudora, can you see your name?
Send me your info.
Matteo was deep into a cat dream so I decided not to disturb him.
That's what you get with nonprofessional non-paid actors.  
Well, yes a doggy treat was given
and Matteo did insist on verifying the winner
in his own particular way.
What fun this was - we will do another in November!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

our farms are ready for harvest

We made farms,
colorful farms,
crazy farms with rivers running through them -
complete with bridges,
and ponds,
and bunnies...
Well,  best just to show you.
We started with stamped rectangles, 5 paint chips and a river...
then we added texture on each square with stamps dipped in paint,
stamps in ink,
watercolor dots, zig zags and swimming fish...
and bridges connecting the colorful islands 
over the river teaming with fish...
and houses made of paint chips...
and happy rabbits jumping in the trees...
and smelling the roses...
and happy bushes...
and happy students...
and a happy teacher...
ahh what a perfect little world...
Here was the original that I made using a monochromatic scheme,
but of course their dynamic colors look oh so young and imaginative!
The goal was to experiment with layers and different media 
and to keep going until it seemed just right.  
 We analyzed the pieces as we worked and persevered 
until the art finally seemed happy.
remember the giveaway on the blog right below here -
The fur balls will choose Tuesday!
I am loving all the comments with the definition of 'crafty'.
Check them out to be inspired.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Zoe and Matteo decided it is time for a Giveaway - yay!!!
They graciously offered to pick the winner...
if they can find a gap in their busy schedule 
of sleeping, 
hunting for mice in the garage, 
chewing stuffed rats and chasing string.
And the featured item is... drumroll please...
 a 5 x 8 1/4"  blank Moleskine journal
with my photo and definition of "crafty" on it,
plus other un-named goodies that fit the recipient.
or if you would rather have any of my other card fronts on it -
just choose and I will sew that one on instead.
Choose from those photos on this post here.
So you have 5 ways to enter - pick one or all five:
  1. Leave a comment on this blog about what being "crafty" means to you... for one entry
  2. Grab my button over on the side and put it in your blog and leave me a comment saying you did that... for two entries.  Kim and Carrie  already have my button.  Who's next?
  3. become a follower
  4. put me in your link list like Shelly, Erin, Jane, Joji , Gloriaand Trish
  5. or finally do a post about my giveaway or me for another entry like Malia and Vicki
                  sure and let me know what you did.
and I will be offering a giveaway in November and December too...
that is if I can get my furry cohorts to find a break in their holiday schedule.
Oh ya - family members and employees are not excluded from playing.
Names will be chosen Tuesday, October 12.