Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Anthropologie is the best

got the Anthropologie e-mail today...
and these beauties took my breath away.
each is an original old painting on canvas...
made into a gorgeous bag.
(I just looked as I linked to this post 
and found the bags are no longer even listed 
on the first page like they were a couple of hours ago.)
 and I also got this from Anthro in the mail...
but I have to say that I am happy each of the bags is already sold 
because at $350-400 each, this coupon would not go far....
but I can dream!
and I am sure if I force myself,
I can find something to buy instead...
hee, hee


  1. Wow!!!! Pretty artsy bags...love them!!!

  2. awesome bags and an awesome sermon from you son last week.

  3. almost got you one of those for your birthday... but then i saw the price tag. sorry. love ya, but couldn't do it ;)

  4. They are very cool... out of my price range, for sure. I can't wait to see what they have cooked up in their stores this year for Xmas decorations.

  5. would you believe i have never been to an anthropologie? none here in hawaii (we are deprived). but those bags, they are seriously cool!

  6. Way out of my price range but as an alternative....Michael's sells canvas by the roll and maybe we could paint a repro of a famous old painting ourselves and sew it together into a bag...huh? It might be fun!
    Have a great day Pamela!
    Tina xo

  7. Those bags are great! It is probably just as well that we do not have an Anthropologie here in NZ!

  8. Happy birthday! Don't you love getting that card from Anthro... you must use it now. xoxo