Thursday, October 7, 2010

our farms are ready for harvest

We made farms,
colorful farms,
crazy farms with rivers running through them -
complete with bridges,
and ponds,
and bunnies...
Well,  best just to show you.
We started with stamped rectangles, 5 paint chips and a river...
then we added texture on each square with stamps dipped in paint,
stamps in ink,
watercolor dots, zig zags and swimming fish...
and bridges connecting the colorful islands 
over the river teaming with fish...
and houses made of paint chips...
and happy rabbits jumping in the trees...
and smelling the roses...
and happy bushes...
and happy students...
and a happy teacher...
ahh what a perfect little world...
Here was the original that I made using a monochromatic scheme,
but of course their dynamic colors look oh so young and imaginative!
The goal was to experiment with layers and different media 
and to keep going until it seemed just right.  
 We analyzed the pieces as we worked and persevered 
until the art finally seemed happy.
remember the giveaway on the blog right below here -
The fur balls will choose Tuesday!
I am loving all the comments with the definition of 'crafty'.
Check them out to be inspired.


  1. Children create the most wonderful art.

  2. Bright, happy, sunshine...these images radiate good thoughts. Creating with kids, how delightful!

  3. These are beautiful. I would hang any one of them in my home. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bright and cheerful colors! I wish I were in your class!

  4. So beautiful and inspiring! Work with kids sounds awesome :)

  5. Amazing job on the paintings!!!! I hope they will frame them and hang them in their home! I love them! :)

  6. these are so great! i totally want to do this with my kiddos...

  7. Absolutely exquisite! I am so borrowing this idea!