Saturday, July 23, 2011

blogging mojo is lost- reward if found

need to post a sign on a tree that says -
blogging mojo is lost -
reward if found
seems she just up and walked away...
and i have been waiting patiently for her return
just like this fellow.
instead i am left trying to be smart and funny on my own -
the brain cells are struggling to get magic to happen...
maybe she went on summer vacation with us and decided not to return.  
i would have stayed here too if i had a choice...
(view from our balcony)
instead i came home to so many house upkeep projects 
such as 
redoing the floors while we were on vacation
and fighting giant moles -
just kidding, although we do have those too.
these are our septic tank lids which needed cleaning too
(and thank goodness not by me )
this week we had trees falling left and right 
and others being pruned -
looked like a war zone.
and then add 3 cavities filled plus 5 more to go, etc. etc. blah, blah
you get the idea.
well i need another vacation
so off to Lake Chelan 
to visit one of my bestest friend 
to create jewelry and paint and visit wineries
and soak in the sun
(did I mention she has a hot tub and a pool?).
so maybe i will find my mojo out touring the wineries enjoying the sunshine 
and just maybe i can bribe her 
with a bottle of wine or promise to paint her picture or
buy her a magical croissant at the french bakery on the way home
because I really do miss her and need her back.
see you in a week unless i decide to stay...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

painting in paradise

got to doodle while on vacation
 and just enjoy doing art without overthinking...
 I started these corgi and crow obsessions at my dad's
 and then got to overwork them
sitting at this beautiful spot with the sun and water
 and breeze - and the much needed daily iced latte.
I will try to finish them this week.
how about you - 
getting any doodling done this summer?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

cartoonatic addict

ok i am enjoying instagram
Nick discovered cartoonaddict
and i am 
head over heals in love
with this app...

even makes one's feet look good...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Balboa Island in instagram

finally home.
we had a wonderful week with family 
at Balboa Island
remembering my mom,
visiting Starbucks each morning,
and just doing nothing.
the best time I've had in a very long time...
here are the highlights 
filmed in instagram.
 ahh when can I return?

Friday, July 8, 2011

inkblot butterfly love

 nothing says summer like a butterfly!
the art clubbers finished the year out 
by creating some beautiful bugs.
first we just sloshed (art term #1) paint on the background,
drew crayon marks,
and sketched a simple butterfly...
so very hard for them to loosen up and just make a mess.
then I instructed them to paint one side only with lots of gooey paint.
then we folded and smooshed (art term #2)
and opened it up to see what we would find.
some were not happy...
but we turned that frown upside down
by adding lots of oil pastel outlines
and splotches (art term #3) of color
and our masterpieces emerged from their cocoons!
this really is the final art club post.