Monday, October 31, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

artists you should know

Successful people are dreamers who found the dream too exciting,
too important to remain in the realm of fantasy.
Day by day, hour by hour
they toil in the service of their dream until they can see it with their eyes
and touch it with their hands.
Earl Nightingale
With that being said
(and might I state that it really is an apt description
of what we artists try to do),
let me introduce you to some of my favorite artists
who toil away trying to turn their dream into a seeable, touchable object
for others to enjoy. 
The Bellevue Art Fair happens every summer and here you will find...
encaustics by
Sue Cretarolo
that look yummy enough to eat.
and these exquisite collages made of collected papers
by Danielle Desplan
and the wonderful
Cori Dantini
and vibrant textures and color 
by Jacquline Hurlbert
and collage and paintings 
by Ann Munson
(I have no pictures -sorry)
and more by Susan K Miller 
(found her in a West Seattle gallery)
and dynamic landscapes 
by Shea Guevara
(his parents must have had a sense of humor)
and a local artist
and Mario Cespedes 
who unfortunately has no website

and Chris Giffin
who can be contacted at
I just love seeing into the dreams of other artists.
Do you have any artists we can come visit?
Just list them in comments so we can see their dreams turned into reality.

Monday, October 24, 2011

the big wave updated with surfers and glitter

what's better than a project with glitter?
we started looking at 
the Great Wave 
by Hokusai
the Sea off Satta 
by Hiroshige
 and we gave our big wave
our own mixed media touches
by painting the basic wave, bay and mountains,
then adding stamps for texture
and lots of bubbling sea foam 
with sponges and pencil erasers
and trees and crows and
and boats
and windsurfers
and foamy bays
and fish
and did I mention glitter?
Cowabunga dude!
Warning - these took several classes to complete
and I heard several aughs
as it turned into the never ending wave...
I thought I was being so clever 
by letting them make surfers and boats and fish and...
well by letting each one put his/her own mark on the big wave.
I thought they would love it,
but some lost interest...
Oh well you never know right?
I hope they learned perseverance and patience - 
two important 'p' words.

Friday, October 21, 2011

time for your autumn socks

time for more socks
(Sammamish tree art that is)...
one can never have too many brightly colored socks,
and I got to enjoy a latte at Starbucks
while viewing and filming these works of art
so what could be better?
art and coffee works for me.
and if you missed the past show -
here are the winter ones
and the spring ones too.
 I also discovered this site -
I think I like the 'fill in the hole with lego' art the best.
and my sister-in-law sent me these pretties from a construction site
in Denver.
and I went to our town's craft fair
and found more knitting on happy posts...
and this very fun 'play wherever' musical instrument to try.
hope you have a wonderful weekend and
don't forget to wear your happy socks!