Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Let's Mingle - the winner is...

some heavy duty sleeping going on over here
 as they're waiting with baited breath 
 for the big giveaway.
 yep Matteo wants to know if he gets to choose
 and Zoe knows he doesn't 
 so she is just chillin'
and I mean really chilling.
they've been by my side this past week
because I have had a migraine and a UTI again....
so no wonderful doggy birthday shots to show you
although I did wrap this rawhide for Zoe 
 and I warned her about the perils of partying too much.
alas Matteo just thought it was all rather dull.

drum roll please!
 the names were written
 the judge was booted outside and
the names were lined up with a doggie treat by each name.
the door was opened 
and she chose to go down the line of treats and names
from left to right  - very systematic...
and the winner is
congrats to Carlanda, and thanks to everyone for the great entertaining ideas!


  1. fun post!!!! Yay for Carlanda.

  2. Dearest sweet pam, i am so sorry to hear about your migraine and a UTI, i hope you are feeling much better by now! Sending lots of healing thoughts your way!
    I love these beatiful photos of your pets. They are so adorable! Have a lovely merry happy thursday and love to you!