Thursday, April 28, 2016

Walking in a Flower Forest

I have been rather prolific the past week.
I finished three assignments for MATS.
I love being able to draw on my iPad when I don't feel like getting messy.
It's the perfect art tool you can take anywhere.
I am off to teach my elementary kids how to use it today too.
I teach at two schools and I am always amazed how quickly they learn.  
Most of them grasp layers after a couple of lessons;
Even the kindergarteners ;)
It keeps me learning and on my toes so to speak.
If you look closely you will see that the dictionary page is the definition of uppercase.
It made me laugh and some days, well everyday,
that is a good thing.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dress for Joy self portrait

Why is it we don't dress for ourselves-
to make each of us smile and feel the joy 
and love that would help us just get through the day?
Usually the simplest outfit is thrown on as an after thought most days.
I love this outfit so I may need to get out the patches and needlework 
and sew these pants.
Now I just need a crow to visit the studio and allow me to dress her in lace.
It could happen.
This was created on my iPad for a prompt 
from UPPERCASE Magazine and Make Art That Sells.
I decided to continue the prompt so
I envisioned my granddaughter playing with my cat
in an outfit I designed for her too.
Do you think my cat would let me dress him? 
 I will need to think on that...

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

85 degrees in Seattle and I am drawing Winter Snow Globes

Meet Wilbur.  
His friend Pierre sent him the snow globe as a reminder of their adventures last winter. 
Wilbur is busy cozying up his den for the long winter rest.

It is 85 degrees in Seattle and breaking all records for the hottest day ever in April.  
And it was the same yesterday.

I am drawing on my iPad for MATs Bootcamp.  
The assignment was holiday ornaments and mine morphed into a snow globe.  
Now to work on MATS A & B next.  
I think iced tea is in order while I sing Christmas carols.  

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Art Show closing soon

My show "What if..." closes Tuesday. 
Stop by Blakely Hall in the Issaquah Highlands on a weekday to catch the last glimpse of it. 
After that, several pieces move to the window of artEAST next month.
 Spring finds me watching flowers pop in the yard and...
 drawing on my iPad.
What are you doing?