Tuesday, February 28, 2012

good morning crows

looked out my window while drinking coffee this morning...
and I spotted these two having a conversation 
perched on the top branches.
I wonder what they are discussing?

Bob:  So what shall we do today?
Steve:  I don't know.  The ground is too frozen to get worms right now.
I would like to make some art.
Bob:  Really, what are you in the mood for?
Steve:  Maybe we could find some twigs and spell out 'soar'.
Bob:  Hmmm well I would rather paint.
Steve:  OK let's make some mixed media.  
You get the sticks and I will go find some ketchup and mustard 
from a trash bin. (BTW it is trash day).
Bob:  OK meet you back here. 

It could happen...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

california dreamin

Visited my dad last week in Southern California
and went a little crazy with the phone apps...
you will either love these
(if you are as into them as me and spend all your time staring into your phone 
when people are talking to you - oops)
or you will skip this post entirely
as you just don't get it.
If you are one of those, then I feel sorry for you - really I do.
You are missing out on a wonderful thing.
Finally found a heart seed pod.
I never find heart shaped rocks and I am so jealous of those of you who do.
I am now the proud owner of one of my mom's pots.
Here are some more she made
back in the 50's.
She signed them 'filis'
as her name was Phyllis.
Love flying by this mountain.
We have a saying in Seattle on a nice day -
"The mountain is out".
Well of course it is everyday, but just not for us.
Knew I was not in Seattle anymore
when I walked by these 6' poinsettias.
Ahh Laguna Beach... need I say more?
My nephew climbing some rocks
while his parents try to capture the moment.
What a wonderful kid he is.
Classic beach vehicle.
My dad posing.
Some Megadeth on the harpsichord?
It works.
Love those feet too.
My old bedroom window
framed in camelias.
And more seed pods.
Seemed like a dream to be in the sun
and visit my dad, my brother, and his family.
Wish my mom was still there ...
but it did not hurt quite so much to be there without her.
Snowing outside right now.
Yes it must have been a dream.

Friday, February 24, 2012

go dog go, or hamster or ...

cat or?
 The assignment was to put yourself and your pet, family or friends
in a vehicle and go for a country drive.
The driver could be animal or person.
So hold on...
What a fun ride!
Wouldn't it be fun to hop into one of these cars
and cruise?
beep beep, vrooom...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy heart day

 Have a great heart day!
We had fun making these; 
well I can't say Zoe did...
not easy making your dog look at the camera
while you are hugging her too.
Oh well she survived.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

you probably think all we do in Seattle is drink coffee...

and you would be right-
at least in winter when the yellow orb makes little appearance.
I need my latte even if it is only decaf.
 My husband stacked these on the kitchen counter
and they just invited a photo op - don't you think?
 And the above shot is at coffee house last weekend.
Now I am just messing with different phone apps.
 Finally here is a shadow reflected on the wall
while we were again sipping those lattes.
Hope you each have a wonderful weekend.
I do foresee some plaster painting for me - 
gotta get my artfest trades started.
As picnik will be shutting down soon, 
What are your favorite photo apps for iphone
or photoshop or ?
I would love to know...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

penguin parade

 A penguin parade - 
what more could we do to encourage winter
to march away and not return?
We have experienced the most gorgeous spring-like weather
this past week,
but the clouds are returning and a little panic is setting in.
We are on to paper clay birds in bright spring-like colors
and the most brilliant collages with the students driving cars full of their pets.
You will have to wait to see them... sorry.

Friday, February 3, 2012

I try not to slurp...really I do

 The sun is OUT,
and this cappuccino sits before me
in a quintessential Seattle coffee house
teasing me to go slow...
but I can't.
Nothing sadder than an empty cup.
Did I mention the sun is a 
glorious yellow disk
radiating down on us?
Oh lovely day.
Just loving the ScratchCam app...
can't get enough grunge in my photos lately.