Tuesday, February 28, 2012

good morning crows

looked out my window while drinking coffee this morning...
and I spotted these two having a conversation 
perched on the top branches.
I wonder what they are discussing?

Bob:  So what shall we do today?
Steve:  I don't know.  The ground is too frozen to get worms right now.
I would like to make some art.
Bob:  Really, what are you in the mood for?
Steve:  Maybe we could find some twigs and spell out 'soar'.
Bob:  Hmmm well I would rather paint.
Steve:  OK let's make some mixed media.  
You get the sticks and I will go find some ketchup and mustard 
from a trash bin. (BTW it is trash day).
Bob:  OK meet you back here. 

It could happen...


  1. I love watching the birds, and crows! Very relaxing, especially with a cup of coffee..:)

    Loving all of your pretty photos from your last post too. Very inspiring!!

    Happy day to you!!


  2. yes it could :)! i wish i lived a stone's throw from ya...i'd hop over to your place myself and see if we could make a mess together! :)

  3. wouldn't that be fun! I'll bring the ketchup...

  4. Such a lovely imagination... what fun! :]
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. It could.... have you seen the video on youtube of the crow sliding down a roof on a lid?

  6. yes and it does, every morning at my house. How dare I drink a cup of tea...and ponder life...while they are out there...on my neighbor's roof (with a clear view of my kitchen), on the fence posts...in the cherry tree...cawling in their breakfast orders. If there is to be any peace...any enjoyment of my precious cup of tea...the crow-monkeys must be fed. It is very quiet now...they can't tawwwwwk with their mouths full! Have a good day Pam!