Friday, October 21, 2011

time for your autumn socks

time for more socks
(Sammamish tree art that is)...
one can never have too many brightly colored socks,
and I got to enjoy a latte at Starbucks
while viewing and filming these works of art
so what could be better?
art and coffee works for me.
and if you missed the past show -
here are the winter ones
and the spring ones too.
 I also discovered this site -
I think I like the 'fill in the hole with lego' art the best.
and my sister-in-law sent me these pretties from a construction site
in Denver.
and I went to our town's craft fair
and found more knitting on happy posts...
and this very fun 'play wherever' musical instrument to try.
hope you have a wonderful weekend and
don't forget to wear your happy socks!


  1. Hi Pamela, I just knit a sock for the tree in my front yard. I love this idea so much.

  2. Dearest sweet pam, the socks are soo adorable!! I love love these gorgeous fall photos! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  3. Okay, I have to say that I've never seen this before--how fun!!
    In this part of the country, we're usually about 3 years behind, so I'll be looking for these then--because we definitely need socks here!

  4. These are just wonderful....I love my hand knitted socks and try to knit them in bright beautiful fun to wear...but this knit art is awesome.....

    Have fun this weekend...

  5. How much fun that must of been! Lovely fall knitted & colorful socks! & love the chalk this way sign!! Happy Fall Pam! Theresa

  6. What happy, fun photos!! I would love to have socks for my trees. Too bad you can't buy them
    Have a glorious day.