Tuesday, October 4, 2011

a Mingle giveaway

a giveaway
sorry Zoe, not for you...
but just maybe my lucky dog will get to pick the winner,  
and just maybe I can get some cool ideas 
for Zoe's 12th birthday celebration
which is tonight.
 Stampington sent me an extra copy of their new wonderful magazine
so I could give one away to a lucky reader - maybe you.
 I have to say they have outdone themselves
with beautiful articles and delicious photos
like we have come to expect from all their publications.
  all you have to do to be entered into the drawing
is to leave a comment here
with a special entertaining tip
that helps you have wonderful gatherings - 
any simple advice will do.
I will go first...
my favorite appetizer is so simple and always gets ravs.
just pour mango chutney over a log of cream cheese
and top with almonds.
serve with crackers.
p.s. - extras are really good over pasta believe it or not.
so leave a comment
for a chance to win a wonderfully inspired magazine.
You have until Monday the 10th 
and Zoe will pick the winner Tuesday morning
 and tell you what we did to celebrate her special day.
so check back and have a great week!


  1. Throw my name into the hat please Zoe...I mean Pamela ;) Thanks!

  2. that magazine looks cool! why do you have a copy? are you in it or something?? :-p
    hmmm... tip...we're never too old to pull out the games when people are over! it's a fun way to get to know them in a different way! german uno anyone?
    also, always put husbuddy in charge of the music :)

  3. I almost always put an individual favor at each person's place at the table. If I have time it is homemade ( truffles, a sugar cookie decorated to look like the person, a small jar of jam that I made during the summer, an ornament with the person's name on it, etc.). If I am pressed for time I will buy something small ( an individually wrapped candy from See's, a small jar of honey/jam, an individual tin of hot chocolate, even a Lottery ticket!!, ...).

    The magazine looks really cool!! It is new to me.

  4. Hey Kim, Jonathan in charge of music sounds good and German UNO - we could do that at Christmas. And Fine Lines, I love your idea of a small gift. What a simple but thoughtful idea.

  5. Oops..Forgot to leave my tip. For the past 10 years my family has been stopped buying Christmas gifts for everyone - kids included now too. Everyone has a $10 limit to get creative and buy a white elephant gift (Dollar Store, Thrift Shop, Re-gift ect). After dinner we draw numbers and choose a wrapped gift. You can even "steal" (2 steal max)a gift from someone. We all end up roaring with laughter. It has been great to ease up on expenses for everyone and nice for the kids not to focus on receiving so many presents. We just enjoy everyone's company and of course their creativity.

  6. Thanks Pam! It surely is a beautiful magazine!! And I didn't order it :( One simple thing that I like to do is make batches of fresh pesto and freeze them in cubes, they make great, spur of the moment appetizers or even pasta.

  7. love that appetizer tip! i'm so excited to see that issue of mingle...as the do what you love retreat that i attended in may is also featured :)

    lots of great tips in the comments...thanks, everyone!

    my tip...we serve really nice cheese, all sliced with apples and walnuts if we're in a time crunch for a dinner party. if not, we love to make our own crackers...so easy and a really sweet way to add variety and the homemade element...serve with sangria (also so easy to whip up) and it's a perfect dinner party :)

    best wishes!

  8. I love to have really great music and flavored martinis! ! Would love to win this magazine. Thanks Pam!!

  9. Looks like a fun and full of ideas magazine:O) cant wait to check it out:O)

  10. Gorgeous magazine and ooh! That cream cheese appetizer sounds yummy! Thank you for 'following' my blog-happy weekend to you!

  11. Oh how I love Stampington and Co. magazines! I can spend 2 hours easily at Barnes and Noble sitting at a table sipping my chai and taking in everything I can from these magazines. They are so inspiring. Would love to win this new Mingle copy, so add me please to your giveaway.

    Scented candles and light music are things I love to add when entertaining and also have white lights in and around a few corners with my decor that I love to turn on for a little more atmosphere. Also at Thanksgiving we enjoy going around the table before giving thanks in prayer and saying something we are so thankful for.

    Fingers crossed to win!
    ♥Lee Ann