Friday, April 8, 2011

the spring tree socks of Sammamish bloom

 the Sammamish trees got clothed in their new spring socks...
 gone are the winter ones...
 even tho it did snow two nights ago...
we are hoping for spring and sunshine
(even tho I hardly recognize that yellow thing in the sky
 trying to make an appearance right now)...
 the trees are hoping to sway in the breeze in their 
Easter attire.
now all we need is some bunny rabbits and easter eggs
 to complete the scene...
 the barrista at the Starbucks next to the installation 
said we should tell the world this is what we do in the northwest 
to all our trees to keep them cozy in the winter...
hee hee, wouldn't that be fun?


  1. I love this, I just was inspired to create something to decorate my tree outside. Maybe some coloured eggs!

  2. Heartwarming and inspiring! Thank you!

  3. Dearest sweet pam, yay finally a new look for the trees! I love these spring look...they are so gorgeous and very inspiring! Thank YOU for sharing for i was really looking forward to the update. :) Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to yoU!

  4. these are fabulous... very well dressed trees!

  5. Hi Pam, Every time I drive by these trees, I think of your first post. I knew a few photos would appear sooner or later of the new spring look. Nice pictures! smiles...Susie