Monday, April 18, 2011

going around in circles...

going around in circles can be quite fun...
start in the center and...
add your favorite colors...
and work towards the outside
adding magazine and construction paper cut outs...
and blobs of paint,
and pen doodles,
and stamps of more paint
and then...
cut your beloved painting into 1/4s... 
and pass one piece of yours to the person on the left 
and so on and so on until....
you have a gorgeous new piece of art
with a touch of your creation
and 3/4s of your friends.
note: we then doodled with permanent marker
on used laminate and attached brads to adhere this 
to the top of our art
for a wonderful multi-layered look.
then we moved on to the another piece...
full of happy spring-time colors in the background...
and construction paper flowers...
jumping off the pages...
ready to enjoy springtime
(if it would ever arrive - first time ever we have not hit 60 degrees in April
and tonight the low will be 34 - a new record,
but who's counting?)
not these guys...
aren't they adorable?


  1. These pieces of art are absoluetly wonderful!!! And I am completely loving that idea with the cut up cirlces!! You are one fun art teacher!

  2. These are my kind of peeps! Seriously inspiring!! :) Hugs - Shelly

  3. What a fun project!!!! I want to be in ur art class:O)

  4. I love the collaborative circle art project. How beautiful and what fun to create!

  5. I am a third grade teacher and I love the art (easy for this noncreative one), and I will use the lesson with fractions!! I have to make learning fun! Thanks for sharing-

  6. Thanks for this lovely idea. "going round in circles". I used it today with a class of 6 year olds. An excellent days work. I have mentioned your blog on my blog as a thank you.

  7. What grade was this? Great results, Thanks.

  8. I think it was 2-4th graders if I remember correctly. But it works for any grade really. Good with adults too.

  9. Thank you for sharing! I will use this idea with young students in art class as well as in a collaborative project with the entire school. Parent/artist who is in charge of the project LOVES it as well and will incorporate some of your ideas with hers.

  10. I just stumbled upon your blog on Pinterest and boy am I glad I did. These paintings are wonderful.

  11. Thanks Janis. I usually just teach iPad art now so I don't add too many more mixed media projects. But there are still a lot of oldies that are great projects.

  12. Found you on Pinterest!! Love the work you inspire!!!