Thursday, April 28, 2011

oh me of little faith...

in the last Harry Potter movie I watched
Professor Dumbledore tells Harry,
"It's not our abilities that show what we truly are,
it's our choices".
eloquently put really...
so much of life is really just showing up...
do you know what I mean?
notice that painting with the flowers 
on the far right
on the second row from the bottom?
 well it's mine and is now residing in the window 
of this wonderful art gallery
in Issaquah, WA.
 and you may remember what a hard time I was having with the little bugger.
I almost threw it in the trash but persevered.
there's a lesson in there -
most of life is just about showing up,
making choices,
and pouring yourself into it does not hurt either.
so this online auction for my work and 150 others begins May 6.
I will give you the particulars once it opens.  
You can bid on my piece.
wouldn't that be fun to have a bit of me on your wall
above your fireplace 
or next to your coffee maker to cheer the beginning of your day
or wherever you need a bright spot?
I am feeling rather drawn to this fat cat wearing horizontal stripes.
isn't he a hoot?
he would definitely cheer me up
and maybe if he came to live next to my food cupboard -
he just might keep me out of it too.
our NYPhiladelphiaPrinceton trip was wonderful 
and I really do not know how to go through all the photos... 
so give me some patience 
and I promise there will be some amazing places to share soon...
yes hopefully soon.


  1. Congratulations ... so glad ... you stuck this one OUT!

  2. Congrats!!!! Love it:O)I agree it will bring cheer to someone:O) Have a great week:O)

  3. Congratulations!! How exciting to see your painting in this pretty gallery of lovely artwork!!

    I love looking at all of these beauties. They all look great, and cheery!!! :) Thanks for sharing!