Saturday, July 23, 2011

blogging mojo is lost- reward if found

need to post a sign on a tree that says -
blogging mojo is lost -
reward if found
seems she just up and walked away...
and i have been waiting patiently for her return
just like this fellow.
instead i am left trying to be smart and funny on my own -
the brain cells are struggling to get magic to happen...
maybe she went on summer vacation with us and decided not to return.  
i would have stayed here too if i had a choice...
(view from our balcony)
instead i came home to so many house upkeep projects 
such as 
redoing the floors while we were on vacation
and fighting giant moles -
just kidding, although we do have those too.
these are our septic tank lids which needed cleaning too
(and thank goodness not by me )
this week we had trees falling left and right 
and others being pruned -
looked like a war zone.
and then add 3 cavities filled plus 5 more to go, etc. etc. blah, blah
you get the idea.
well i need another vacation
so off to Lake Chelan 
to visit one of my bestest friend 
to create jewelry and paint and visit wineries
and soak in the sun
(did I mention she has a hot tub and a pool?).
so maybe i will find my mojo out touring the wineries enjoying the sunshine 
and just maybe i can bribe her 
with a bottle of wine or promise to paint her picture or
buy her a magical croissant at the french bakery on the way home
because I really do miss her and need her back.
see you in a week unless i decide to stay...


  1. Totally understand! When I got back from vacation to all the chores I have to do and my hubby working 14 hours a day I totally lost my gumption too! I need to take another vaca I think.

  2. i think sometimes we just need a break and a change of scenery...sounds like you are heading for some.

    have a wonderful time!

  3. Yes, Mary is right.....a break and change of scenery...I want that........I am glad you are going for a visit with your friend.....I think I need to that too....

    I do understand where you are coming from....kinda feel the same way.....

  4. Dearest sweeet pam, i totally understand!! Sometimes having a break and doing something outside will bring back your mojo! Have a lovely merry happy sunday sweet friend! Love to you!

  5. Enjoy the beautiful outdoors, take care of that to-do list, and of course enjoy your vacation(sounds like so much fun)! Everyone needs a little re-charge time! :)

  6. It all gets a bit much sometimes!...Oh well have a wine(or two or three) relax and enjoy! :-)

  7. Enjoy the special visit with your friend. Have a wonderful time just being girls!!!!

    ♥Lee Ann

  8. What can you do... it's life :]
    After the fun, there will always be things to tend to.
    Our good friend "reality" is there waiting for us all.
    Enjoy your time with your best friend, priceless moments <3
    And if your dear friend doesn't wish to try that bottle of wine, send it my way... cheers!! (heheeheee)

  9. Hi Pamela,

    I hope your have been enjoying your trip to visit your bestest friend! Your other vacation view was lovely, hoping this one will be just as fun for you. :)

    Sweet blessings to you,


  10. Sometimes even Mojo needs a rest! Bestest friends have a way of recharging Mojo - I'll bet you'll have lots to say when you get back! Can't wait to meet you Saturday!

  11. I am with you Sister!!! It must be the summertime!! It will come back! Everyone is in vacation mode!! Hope you have a wonderful trip!!

  12. I'm in the same mindspace Pam!! I'm thinking it's summer, it's warm, it's a longer day, & it's carefree season! Enjoy your change of scenery, infusion of friendship, jewelry making and mojo seeking!

  13. i am in chelan NOW... this place is magic! and right before i left i picked up the pamela holderman issue of creating with kids. I LOVE your project/feature/students... how beautiful all around