Monday, August 8, 2011

comfort, clutter, creativity

are you one who would rather create than clean?
how about one who makes a mess while creating
and does not clean until the project is complete?
I would check 'yes' to both...
she so agrees with me.
I just don't understand the magazines (although I do love peering into them)
that show artist's studios with no clutter or mess... seriously?
so that's why this book is dear to my heart. 
Mary Randolph Carter tackles the question of how we live 
and what is important.
she says,
Clutter is the poetry of our homes.  It is a fingerprint of an experience, a souvenir of our childhoods, 
an expression of our humor, a collection of things that we just can't live without.  
Clutter gives life to ordinary things...
she includes this photo of Calder's studio..
oh how I would love to work here
Source: via Pamela on Pinterest

love this mess...
Source: via Pamela on Pinterest

and this table...

and paint splatters...

and love the light here.
Mary concludes,
Clutter is a grand parade that follows us all our days,
from a playpen filled with toys to the scrapbooklike walls of our college dorms,
our first work cubicles, our first apartments,
and the places we call home.
Embrace it, make peace with it,
take control of it, share it, reorganize it,
and when the time seems right,
bid it farewell.
have not gotten there yet.
Doug and his friend have been painting doors in his friend's 'man studio'.
Ok I want a place to create like this. 
 He has garage doors on both ends that open, 
a place to work on cars, 
he has slowly refurbished this beautiful boat 
and this is an important and....
 a place to watch tv, refrigerator, wood burning stove
and he invites friends over for a little guy time -
see the boat sign in the corner?  that's the spot.
hmmm I want a 'woman studio' where we can all play.
and btw the friend assured me he loves to make a mess and then when the project is over,
he loves cleaning it up too.

and then I seem to have an addiction to pieces that reign in that clutter -
remember this find at ABC Home Store?
still wish I could have snuck it in my suitcase.

and Nick likes everything in its place and then he's ready to create - 
got him this cool etsy book bag just so his art supplies could be mobile.
OK I strayed -
guess that's where my mind is lately.
now as a postscript you may remember we cut down these trees right outside of the small office my husband and I share...
hmmm... don't you think it would be a perfect spot for a 'woman studio'?
I could teach art and everyone could come over and play...
oh my the addition brain is churning over ideas and just won't quit.
and then I could leave it as messy as I wanted,
and leave 6 projects going at once and not feel guilty for the mess right?
can't say my blogging mojo has returned,
but I do have two art retreats to share with you next time.
until then.


  1. Yes Pam I can picture your lovely studio now and that is the perfect spot. Yes yes yes - I agree with Mary Randolph Carter - there is loveliness in a well-used space - it provides a rich environment in which to create. Everything is out...within reach...nothing is constrained. Can't wait for the 'studio-warming'! :-)

  2. Dreams do come true....keep dreaming about that studio......

    I can't create without making a mess....but it's my mess and I understand it.....No one is allowed to say anything about my studio....what I do or don't do or holes in the walls or paint on the sofa (Simon did that)....I need the freedom for it to me......

    How would you describe your dream studio?

  3. greatest quotes ever! thanks for this

  4. Oh Nancy I would love a space with lots of light and a huge table to lay out lots of different projects and enough room to make a huge mess and not trip over anything - how about you?

  5. There's a fine line between chaos and creativity that I dance daily with my own mess (oops, clutter)- bring on the paint splatters.

  6. As I woke up this morning, with the only goal being to dig into my little studio and make some sense out of the disaster, I happened upon this most cherished post..after reading and subsequently feeling somewhat validated in my messiness, the burden and overwhelming thoughts running through my head while standing and staring at the mayhem doesn't feel quite so I have opted to bring some kind of order to my little room in between the creating...thanks for this post and the permission to embrace my creative messiness...