Monday, August 15, 2011

shall we fly south?

OK I happen to think this post is just brilliant
and nobody else but me left a comment -
does anybody else agree this is a great way to plunge into something new?
it just makes sense to me and I do believe 
I will try it with this new sorta phobia I have been experiencing this week.
let me explain -
here are various birds...
that I photographed while on vacation at Balboa.
don't they look happy?
well I do believe I am going to pretend to be them,
or more precisely,
 the canada geese that have already decided 
that it is time to migrate south for the winter.
do they know something I do not?
you see we have not really had a very sunny summer
(I do believe only 5 days just a tad over 80 degrees)
and I love living in the Pacific Northwest,
but I do require a gorgeous summer full of vitamin d 
to get me through our grey days until the next summer.
and I am feeling extremely panicky 
because I have not yet had my sunshine fix for the year - not even close!
this California girl (albeit 31 years living in the PNW)
is starting to hyperventilate and freak out to put it mildly.
So I will take Kim's advice and just pretend that I can soar south anytime I want.
maybe I can sit under a lamp to feel the heat, 
close my eyes,
hold out my arms,
 and just pretend I am floating above the clouds
with all the other canada geese honking around me.
it couldn't hurt.
and I do believe I am craving some grass and bread right about now...


  1. Hee hee. You're cute. Thanks for the compliment! I love all of your bird photos! I'm so sorry for your lack of sunshine around there! It's still August! September could still be summery! :)

  2. Dearest sweet pam, i think that is a wonderful idea and pretend that you can soar south anytime you want! I wish i could send you some sunshines from Malaysia! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  3. Lol because all week I have been imagining wintery weather and listening to Susan Boyle Christmas Cd, and I totally dislike cold gloomy weather bc it makes me depressed but for the first time in sooo many years I want winter!!!This heat is soo unbearable no going outside to enjoy the summer at all:( I will trade you:O)Love the bird photos:O)

  4. Ha we should definitely swap for a week but here I go back to work... oh well maybe next year!

  5. i am sending you nice sunny days from honolulu, hawaii!!! :) :P

  6. You are so funny! I think becoming a bird - pick a bird...any bird - is a good thing. We were talking about dreams we've had about flying so perhaps there is a collective theme going on here. One word of advice: if you are going to be a bird you must wear a crown!

  7. thanks Jan I will take some of your sun. and Melinda you are so funny and so right - i will be the one with the crown and probably the last bird out of breath trying to keep up.

  8. As a "sunshine girl" myself I fully understand where you are coming from Pam...You just may have to 'Take Flight' to get you thru' :-) Sending you love warmth and light...I LOVE ALL your photos x
    PS: If you were a bird...which one would you be?..x

  9. too funny know it is always funny now because when our weather is getting better yours is getting worse and I keep thinking of you every season change. the world is definitely getting smaller. now you get to look forward to summer so maybe i will just dwell on that. i could always come visit hee hee. i would definitely be a canada goose so i could fly in all those v formations - very cool and blue angelish.

  10. Love the new banner . . . yes sunny days do make a difference. Thanks for the kind visit and comment. Wishing you lots of sunny days and blessings of course! Sandy:O)