Sunday, August 21, 2011

summer hop

finally summer arrives...
and Zoe and I could not be happier.
we get to enjoy the patio
and the plants
and the sun
and the most incredible wisteria ever
and the paths
and mr. crow who surveys the yard
and the fountain
and one foxglove left
and sedums too.
but of course the yard takes work
and it seems we rarely sit and enjoy it.
a couple of blogs back I showed you the tree that we took out here
(where I dream of a studio)
so we needed to change the gravel and planting area
and we worked two days to do that
and cut more trees
and everyone pitched in
to move bark and edge
(just love corgi butts)
and explore.
and finally some rest
and pool time.
now if we could just get day #7 above 80 degrees this summer...


  1. What a beautiful yard and an even cuter pup! ;) Summer days turn to autumn- that's what I love about the Fall!

  2. I love about New England! Got sidetracked-big lightning crackles!!

  3. What a gorgeous oasis you have there Pamela! I love the Wisteria. I'm from Sierra Madre, home of the world's largest Wisteria Vine where people come from far and wide to enjoy one day a year every March.Zoe is clearly enjoying her summer as well. :D

  4. The photos are wonderful Pamela and I can see why you love Corgi butts! Very cute, you just want to reach out and pinch it!
    I love the picture of the Hydrangea as they are favorites of mine along with Hollyhocks.
    Really beautiful garden and yard Pamela!
    Tina xob

  5. Your beautiful yard! And yes, there is nothing like a corgi butt!!! That made me laugh out loud!