Tuesday, August 16, 2011

ready for a change

in hopes that summer will stick around awhile longer
I decided to do my yearly
let's change the look of the blog
and update it with a crisp and summery feel...
so I will be experimenting and goofing around this week 
until I get it just right
or until I give up and throw photoshop out the window.
well I can't really do that but sometimes I want to.
so what do you think so far?


  1. Looks great! You are right. The blog needed a little change!

  2. Dearest sweet pam, i am LOVING your new blog look and that gorgeous blog banner is soo beautiful! LOVE the change! Have a lovely merry happy mid-week and love to you!

  3. i am just like you, lol, forever tweaking the blog and such (and wanting to throw my computer out the window sometimes too, lol!) :) your new blog looks cheery and summery!

  4. awesomeness! love it Pam. Now can you come over and work on mine, please. Pretty please. lol

  5. I adore the new banner....and your girl on cracked burlap is fabulous. I wish I had blog making skills. xo

  6. Hi Pam, I like what you have done! Blogs always seem to be a WIP! Changes coming for me this fall. I'm loving your new artwork! xo Theresa

  7. Pam, Thank you for visitng me on my blog! I have not had as much time as I would like to post and visit. I did stop by the other day for a quick peek and i really enjoyed seeing your new blog. You are so talented Pam and it is always a pleasure to see your new work.

  8. Love it, Love it, Love it.......Your new look is beautiful...I love the header....You did a great job....