Wednesday, May 18, 2011

destination - ABC Home store NYC

be still my beating heart...
 a little bit of heaven...
 and my favorite color...
 and I oh so want these for storage in my studio -
pretty please with sugar on top...
 and it just kept going...
I thought I had died and gone to heaven,
 but no it was the abc home store...
7 floors of pure bliss.
here's the view looking down the stairs at the coffee bar -
clear glass counter with strings of light embedded into it.
and who came up with the idea of covering an eames chair
with fabric and even needlepoint on the headrest?
pure genius.
and if you are lucky enough to discover the basement
you will find a whole Conran shop 
neatly tucked in there...
and going back up you just may spot this elevator wall...
and these indian wood stamps...
and these gorgeous trays...
and a little bit of serenity on an upper floor...
and you can crash here
 if your brain just can't wrap itself around 
all this wonder of wonders.
i promise i will post more from the trip soon.


  1. pretty please is right...OMG!!!
    i'm drooling

  2. Oh my gosh! 7 floors of pretties? That is awesome!! :)

  3. oh my gosh!! this is worth a trip just to go here!!! are you coming home with a treasure?

  4. Mary it was so expensive... I came home with a scarf for a friend's birthday, but that was all. The old metal storage cabinet that I wanted for my office was over $1000 if I remember correctly. boo hoo.

  5. oh Pam ... I am so with you ... I was able to visit this special place in the eighties and I bought 1 wood print block! What beautiful snaps you took.