Sunday, May 29, 2011

Matteo's Memorial Day weekend chores

the weekend is here and I have so many chores to do...
first I need to oversee the sewing of a slipcover...
 this vantage point works very well...
 and I think my mom needs a break so 
I will just plunk myself on the cushion 
so she will have to take a breather...
 and now I need to do some chair testing...
hmmm it passes my inspection
 so it can move to its new home...
 in the living room.
and next on the agenda is helping Nick proofread
his 15 page paper.
It is for "rat lab", his nick name for "animal lab" - 
ahh I've trained him well.
and it's his last ever psychology paper
as he graduates in two weeks...
it even smells like rats...
 kinda mad he didn't share any of those tasty rat morsels with me...
so I guess I will let him tell me just how sorry he is
with a tummy rub...
ahh his hands have left over rat scent on them I hope!


  1. I love your photos Pam!
    I have to say I have always been a little envious of a cat's ability to climb high and look down on the world, it must be a fabulous feeling!
    Have a great Memorial Day.
    Tina xo

  2. Dearest sweet swet pam, i love your photos too so much! I am loving your chair cover so's beautiful! All the best to nick's paper!
    My mister and i are planning my vacation to Germany somewhere around July/Aug/Sept...more time for me to save up on the air-ticket and some vacation money. :) Thanks so much for visiting me on my little bubble space!
    Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  3. LOL... too cute! So many chores to have done... so little time! :)