Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a little bunny love

I am so behind in posting art projects
so please forgive me
and pretend it is Easter or early spring
made these cuties...
got the original idea from Charlotte lyons'
article from Inspired Ideas Online magazine,
but she used celluclay for hers which is more like paper mache.
Instead we used paperclay, one of my favorite items from Michaels.
I needed one package divided between 5 students so I thought
"why not fill the center with tissue paper?"
which is what we did.
 I took a piece of clay and rolled it flat, 
inserted paper into the center 
closed it up.
it worked beautifully.
now the little bunny lump needed some ears...
and white felt seemed well suited for bunny ears.
we poked slits where we wanted ears,
added a dab of glue
and inserted ears.
After painting the bunnies white we added acrylic eyes, noses, etc.
I also thought a little cotton ball tail would be perfect too.
and a gnome joined our family...
of cottonballs...
along with a spring chick...
more bun buns...
and these very happy rabbits.
one more art lesson left this year,
but I do believe I have 3 more lessons to share with you...

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