Monday, June 20, 2011

please come and "Create with Me"

some good reading arrived in the mail last week...
so Zoe even needed to take a break from fetching to see
what was written on pages 82-85.
"Yowzers my mom wrote this"
she declared with gusto...
then the blinders were lifted and she realized,
"No wonder she hasn't had time to throw me the ball!"

For any of you moms out there 
who love your kids but are feeling a tad panicked
(I have been there - it's OK to admit it)
with kids home from school who are already jumping on the beds,
and you are searching your brain and asking
 "what art projects can I create with them?"
then look no further -
your ship (well, really your magazine) has arrived.
 Stampington's new magazine
Create With Me
should be at bookstores in early July.
so set your timers, mark your calendars and hold your breath -
no not really...
 and if you flip to page 82-5 you should find 
one heck of a good article by me...
 and my art clubbers,
four of which are goofing around here
and putting the finishing touches on our collaborative book...
before we sent it off to Stampington
in hopes it would be published.
 I copied and sewed smaller books for each student to take home.
You can see the original post  here.

Stampington has put together the premier issue of
 Create with Me 
which is filled with fun, doable projects
to keep your brood happy all summer long.
enjoy and create and make memories with art this summer!
next week I will share the last two art projects from the year - 
3D Monet's garden for olders 
and butterfly blots for youngers.
happy summer creating!


  1. Wow Pamela how exciting to have your children's projects published! Congratulations on the article and although I don't have any little ones in my life I will recommend the magazine to friends who do.
    Have a great week!
    Tina xo

  2. CONGRATS!!!!!!Happy for you and cannot wait to read he magazine:O) Yay!!!!!!

  3. so proud of you :)

  4. Big time congratulations...WOW...this is wonderful.......I am so proud of you and your students.... I have three grandchildren so I can't wait for the magazine to come out and I can get a copy and put your words to good use......

    Love the Zoe cooperated with you....She's a doll......

  5. That is so insanely awesome! Congratulations!!!!! :) -Shelly

  6. Dear Pamela, Congrats!! That is so sweet you made each student a copy! I can't wait to see a copy of the magazine. (hugs) Theresa

  7. oh Pamela, Congratulations!! I cannot wait to pick up a copy of this. Such a wonderful idea! I would love to buy up a bunch and hand them out to all the moms in my church!!!

    Thanks for your comments to me today!

    Grace and peace

  8. What wonderful news...I'll definitely look for your article.

  9. WOW! Congratulations Pamela! I love Stampington & Co. Magazines and love it too when I see an article of one of my blogging friends inside! I cannot wait to read your published piece! I must tell my daughter all about this new magazine so she can check it out to use with our grandchildren.

    Thank Y♥U also for your sweet comment on my blog about my birdie! Glad it made you smile. You make me smile all of the time whenever I stop by.

    ♥Lee Ann

  10. Hi Pamela,

    Happy Congratulations to you!!!! HOW EXCITING!!! :) Awesome job the students (and you) did!! I will for sure look for this issue the next time I am at Borders. I NEED this for the weeks I will have the grandkids with me. They live with us (with our oldest daughter), she has them every other week during the summer months. I need things to keep them busy!
    Wonderful ideas, and I am looking very forward to reading your published article in it!! Thanks for sharing the news...:)

    Blessings to you for a wonderful Summer!


  11. Dearest sweet pam, i am jumping with joy and so excited for you! Congratz sweet friend! It's awesome to have your wonderful project published! I always love seeing photos of your kids in class! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!