Monday, June 27, 2011

making friends on the summer solstice...

ahh the summer solstice came and went
and I wanted to capture the excitement in a painting
so I mixed up some plaster of paris
and placed it here.
I am taking a wonderful on-line plaster class
from two very talented artists -
(also took encaustic from her at artfest)
(bought my wonderful earrings from her at artfest).  
I am learning so many new ideas and loving mixing up
plaster and carving and just experimenting.
so here we go -
texture and layers emerge...
and then plaster flowers, stars and tennis balls were added...
and a little glitter and words
 and mica flakes and of course crows
and you gotta have some tennis balls for fetching.
 don't you just love the yummy texture...
 and colors?
well my son did 
so it is now his painting
which only seems right because it is his dog too.
so now back to the studio...
to work on the next 10 I have started.
Happy summer solstice to you!


  1. I LOVE this piece!!! Love the colors:O) So do you pour the plaster directly onto a canvas? Love the big windows in your studio:O)

  2. Hi Pamela, I like your painting very much. And the pic of your studio too. I wish I were in the plaster-class, too. But I considered it too late. Registration was already closed :( I think I have to buy the book at least. Do you have the book?

  3. Conni I love the book and highly recommend it too! They will have another class also in the future.

    Isabel, yes I trowel it on and smooth it around - really fun!

  4. I love this Pamela! I have been planning on doing some experimenting with plaster too! I have a question... do you seal/protect it with anything?

  5. Well I did seal it with a waterbased varnish just like I do my paintings. It basically gets sealed with the acrylic paints I use. It seems like it is pretty tough but I suppose would chip if hit hard enough.

  6. Dearest sweet pam, your painting is so beautiful! I really do adore your process and the classes sounds amazing!
    Oh wow your studio is so inspiring and i love it! It's so wonderful to work with such gorgeous view. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  7. I am drooling over your fab plaster texture and the gorgeous result!!:-) I too wish I had signed up for the class... but too much going on at the moment:-) Your studio looks great! xoxo

  8. oooo Pam, this is a very exciting process. I love seeing how you made your art come alive. heaven and nature are singing!

  9. Is that Zoe in the painting? I can never get my Corgi, Heidi to look right! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your painting. You have beautiful style! :)

  10. love the colors and technique, thanks for sharing!

  11. wow you are in a highly creative place right now and i love what's happening!

  12. Tam yes it is Zoe. She would fetch 24 hours a day if allowed to.