Friday, June 17, 2011

take me out to the ball game, please?

I have been a tad busy
and as of today
'school's out for summer'.
so maybe I can pay attention 
to this poor little creature...


  1. Lol The ball throwing never ends ...right..! I just wanted to say that your flowers in pots on ETSY are gorgeous..! Nice to meet you..!

  2. Adorable Doggie:O) Have a great summer:O)

  3. He is so precious.....reminds me so much of the Corgi who blessed our lives for years......

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend...

  4. Zoe is such a sweet & cute girl! She is a beautiful Corgi!! Our Rocky has been howling on some days due to missing the grandchildren being gone every other week during summer. I have been spending extra time with him on his walks due to that. He is always so happy when they come back home...:)

    Enjoy your loyal friend...& happy summer!