Monday, May 9, 2011

a corgi mother's day

definitely a corgi kind of day
as both sons gave me corgi items...
 first this lovely towel arrived from Jonathan and Kim
(thank you Zoe for modeling)...
 my daughter-in-law was oh so clever
and peaked at my etsy favorite list to find the towel
I had long ago forgotten about...
 and then Nick showed up a day early and 
couldn't wait to share his wonderful find -
a beautiful pen and ink adventure Korgi by
Christian Slade...
pure artistic genius if you ask me...
he knows his corgs...
or maybe I should say korgs...
Do you think she's had enough posing?
better stop and give her a treat.
then we spent the afternoon with Doug's family
and my favorite great niece Ella,
who is growing up way too quickly
(looking at the rain drops here -
I know I look pretty dorky,
 but don't think anyone is looking at me really)...
 and we went for a walk...
and I got to hug my youngest too.
Hope your day was wonderful!


  1. Thanks for sharing those cute pictures:O)Im glad you had agreat Moms day!!:O)

  2. So happy that your day was special--wonderful gifts too!