Saturday, October 30, 2010


hee hee...
I just love photoshop 
and picnik.
This is what I started with
 from an old magazine
with old photo added in photoshop.
and here is another spooktacular photo...
and its original from Better Homes and Gardens
I do believe...
Have a spooky fun-filled Halloween weekend and 
enjoy Monday too
because that is All Saints Day and
my birthday...


  1. I love these! Isn't photo altering a blast?
    ...I totally can relate when talking about which direction to take. There are so many mediums that I like to work in and ideas coming and going! It's like a merry go round that never stops. =)

  2. Thanks for your reply on my blog Pamela ... I'm trustN HIM 2 help me help us all with some new and much needed info!

  3. The photos are fabulous and I wish you not only a very "Spooktacular" Halloween but the best Birthday ever and many, many more!
    Tina xo

  4. hi...thanks for dropping by!
    Have fun in Vancouver,I know you have been here b4.....there are some many places to go too!
    For art the Vancouver Art Gallery, Granville Island, Granville Street South of Broadway.
    For fun shopping The Cross Homer & Davie, Peridot 14th & Granville.
    Any thing up & down south Granville!... Where you thinking?

  5. Hi Pam, Lovely altered images. I love doing that too~ I would love to learn photo shop better. Sometimes use Picnic and other sites, which I always enjoy the ease of use. Have a wonderful Halloween! I am sending you special birthday wishes for you and your coming year ahead! ~ Happy Birthday!!~Theresa

  6. Happy Birthday...hope it was terrific!

  7. Love photoshop and picnik, too. Have a Happy Birthday. Hope it was fun.

  8. I hope your Halloween was happy, and that your birthday was a very fun and special one for you!
    Many blessings for the coming year too...:)

  9. oh...your photos are these altered images!!