Sunday, October 3, 2010


Zoe and Matteo decided it is time for a Giveaway - yay!!!
They graciously offered to pick the winner...
if they can find a gap in their busy schedule 
of sleeping, 
hunting for mice in the garage, 
chewing stuffed rats and chasing string.
And the featured item is... drumroll please...
 a 5 x 8 1/4"  blank Moleskine journal
with my photo and definition of "crafty" on it,
plus other un-named goodies that fit the recipient.
or if you would rather have any of my other card fronts on it -
just choose and I will sew that one on instead.
Choose from those photos on this post here.
So you have 5 ways to enter - pick one or all five:
  1. Leave a comment on this blog about what being "crafty" means to you... for one entry
  2. Grab my button over on the side and put it in your blog and leave me a comment saying you did that... for two entries.  Kim and Carrie  already have my button.  Who's next?
  3. become a follower
  4. put me in your link list like Shelly, Erin, Jane, Joji , Gloriaand Trish
  5. or finally do a post about my giveaway or me for another entry like Malia and Vicki
                  sure and let me know what you did.
and I will be offering a giveaway in November and December too...
that is if I can get my furry cohorts to find a break in their holiday schedule.
Oh ya - family members and employees are not excluded from playing.
Names will be chosen Tuesday, October 12.


  1. What a sweet giveaway! You are in my link love list! ~Theresa

  2. To me crafty means being able to re-purpose things or getting creative and sharing a love of art & crafty with people~
    Thanks for the chance~Theresa

  3. For me being "crafty" is a gift. The gift of taking the mundane and turning it into something beautiful and treasured.
    Thanks for the chance to be part of your Giveaway!
    Tina xo

  4. I think being 'crafty' means adding your own special touch to things. Taking something and making it yours! :)

  5. Just became a follower! YAY!

    Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity... I am having a giveaway too! :)

  6. Oh yes I would love to win your beautiful prize.

    Crafty to me means: the enjoyment of creating what you love so that you can sometimes give away that love to someone else you love!!! Hope that made sense.

    Lee Ann

  7. "2 entry

    I already have you on my sidebar link list of blogs I love.

    ♥ Lee Ann

  8. #3 entry

    I've copied your button to put on my blog sidebar.

    I'll see if i can get something posted on my blog then come back and enter that once I do.

    ♥ Lee Ann

  9. Crafty means "Me" time. It means time with my means pure bliss!! Love it! I am from Flying Lessons. I need to hang out more on FB with all of much inspiration! I am going to follow you for an entry and grab a button and do whatever else I need to!!

    Oh, and October 12th is my Birthday!

    And I hope you'll drop by my blog soon!


  10. To me, crafty means loving to create something with your hands as a representation of what's in your heart.

  11. Crafty to me means taking something that's nothing and making something out of it. Its almost like God taking us as imperfect human beings and molding us into something great. Its like taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. We each have that inner quality we just have to be obedient and listen with our hearts so that we might show our creativity from the inside of our heart to the canvas which could be anything from art to music to life in general. Its about being unique and sharing our vision outwardly.

    Matt Dudley

  12. To me, being crafty means:
    -Not being afraid to jump into a project
    -Choosing home made over store bought
    -Uniting skill with your hands and artistic vision to create something useful (a blanket, a card, a sweater, etc.)

  13. Wow these definitions are fantastic!!! thanks everyone for being so 'crafty'.

  14. Craft is aRt
    Crafty is heartfelt
    Crafty is unafraid of what might be said
    Crafty is vision turned into doing turned into sharing.

    I have, over time, created handmade books of my photo inspired poetry and poetry inspired photos, and given them away to loved ones and unloved ones.
    It was all such great fun!
    ArT is FOOD for the sOul
    Your sit is beautiful and beautifully done!