Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dream Big!

Do you ever not dream big enough?
Today my prayer for you is that 
you would dream as big as possible,
the sky's the limit, 
let nothing get in your way,
just do it!
And then take one tiny step towards it,
just one baby step at a time...
Zoe thought she was in a dream beyond her wildest dreams.
She thought she had struck gold as we poured the big bag
of dog food into smaller containers.
Unbelief filled her mind - "How can this be?"
Do you ever do that?
I do more than I care to admit.
Even when a dream seems to land 'kerplunk'
right in my lap.
My brain has to analyze it... and dissect it...
Zoe quickly rallied and decided her eyes were not in fact deceiving her.
My guess is her olfactory sense took over
and she dove in lickety-split.
Poor thing, we quickly put a stop to it,
as truth be told she would eat until... well I would rather not say.
But she knows she has a cupboard stocked full of food and it is all hers!

My son is dreaming big too.
Just gave his first sermon at a church 
where he is doing an internship while at Princeton.
You can hear it here.

So what is your dream?
Where are you taking baby steps today?


  1. I'm dreaming about helping people (especially women) access their own creativity and authenticity through art journaling. I'm dreaming about living in a house that really feels like mine. I'm dreaming about knowing that all is well.

    Thank you for this tender permission to dream.;) <3

  2. My earthly dream is to "someday" write and illustrate my own children's book, or have my own art business (maybe our whole family together). Atleast I think I want that...ha! :) Truth be told...I just want to be living each and every day to my full God-given potential, and enjoy each day doing that. To be eagerly awaiting to see where God leads me next, enjoy the journey and pass along some kindness and encouragement on that path. I know God has great things in store for each of us, we just need to believe that He does!

    My heavenly dream is to have all of those I dearly love with me when our time here on earth is done...seeing Jesus face to face...:)

  3. Oh sweet Pam, this is such a beautiful post!! I am pushing myself a little more to be brave and dream big! My dream is to be able to live my creative dream doing what i love ie creating and sewing ~ in hope that it will be big enough to support me and my family! :) Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  4. Thank you Pam for reminding me to not forget about my dreams and to keep at them no matter what! even if it is one little step at a time! Love your Zoe! I just adopted a corgi mix and we named her Daisy. =)

  5. Hi Pam! I just did a journal page about dreams and making them a reality! I plan on taking a few e classes and continuing my journey. To spread my wings and complete the things I have been nervous to tackle. Your dog is so cute!! Congrats to your son!! All my best, Theresa

  6. My dream is to continue on with this wonderful journey that I'm experiencing.

  7. I love your cute doggy, so cute. thanks for stopping by.


  8. great dreams - thanks for sharing from your heart!