Tuesday, February 8, 2011

drumroll please...the famous mustache belongs to Tom Selleck

here is Tom Selleck
and his famous mustache...
and here is Tom Selleck too
with his famous whiskers.

the first is my second or third cousin
and no I've never met him.
and the second was my kitty who was a huge stray tom cat 
when he came to live with us during the Magnum PI era -
hence the name.

so we have four winners of the contest from the last blog
thanks to Malia for the first accurate guess,
then Erin, Patsy and Dinnard for tagging along.
Your cards will be sent your way soon -
wish I could get Tom Selleck to deliver them.
and I almost forgot, my name is Pamela Selleck Holderman
and my son's is Nicholas Selleck Holderman.


  1. Too funny, the other day i was thinking when I saw a post on Fb about your maiden name if you guys where related:O) He is a hunk:O) And the kitty cat is Handsome Hunk:O) Have a great week

  2. Pam I got the most gorgeous Pamela Holderman cards in the mail yesterday. They are STUNNING! My only dilemma is who is worthy to receive one. I may have to keep them for myself...