Tuesday, February 15, 2011

doggie time...woof

Our last project combined 2D and 3D.
I wanted my students to think up a story about a dog
and bring her/him to life on a flat surface and in a small clay model.
So let me introduce you to Patches who loves the smell of fresh grass...
and Star who loves to play in the flowers...
and Bevo who runs doggy marathons...
and Spottie who also likes to play in the park
(wish my dog liked to do that)...
and Jewel who changed her name to Love...
and Scout - the only boy in the group...
and finally Flash whose owner is still working on her painting.
Air dry clay is just not the same as fired clay -
we are hoping for a new school kiln sometime in the near future.
And now a big shout out and thank you 
to Jenni Horne 
for the clay dog idea that started all this.
I happen to be partial to their crowns and name tags-
just gives them a whimsical feel.
I wonder if my dog would wear a tiara...


  1. LOVE this idea! But of course I am very partial to dogs. I will definitely have to try this sometime. I bet the kids really enjoyed creating both the 2D and 3D pooches)

  2. I bet those kids had a ball......they are so fortunate to have you for a teacher........loved looking at all their creations......

  3. The kids did a wonderful job! They are very lucky to have you for a teacher!

  4. My daughter is turning 29 this month. I still have her wonderful clay items she made in preschool. I loved seeing these!!
    My daughter made a girl sitting at a piano...She had to bring it home to finish the painting...I gave her my good liner brush to make the black and white keys...the teacher yelled at her for letting her MOM paint it...which I didn't. So sad. I wish she had had you for a teacher!!