Thursday, February 24, 2011


maybe I will ham it up for the photo -
321 'smile'...
found this photo of me at my dad's last week.
can't believe the quiet, reserved child 
that I remember myself to be 
was actually a diva at heart?
but I do remember that this is as close 
as I ever got to having fun at the piano.
and trust me - you don't ever want to hear me sing...
crayons were much more my thing.


  1. What a precious picture......You certainly look like a happy, playful child.......

  2. For some reason Blogger is not loading the picture for me, just the text.....darned blogger!
    I hope you are doing well though and having many lovely creative days?
    I think if I see one more flake of snow I will scream, so here's to Spring and painting and happy times Pamela...
    Tina xo