Friday, February 25, 2011

Cowboys, Yogi Bear, and an Eames chair

another gem from the Selleck archives...
and I thought I did not like guns?
well obviously at one time 
I did enjoy a little point and shoot action
of the cowboy kind.
my brother's expression is priceless.
and did you notice Yogi Bear seems to be putting 
his arms up in disbelief 
while happily sitting his furry tush 
on an original Eames wire chair?
ahh childhood...


  1. Hi Pam, I just saw your Bloom piece in Somerset this month. A whole page! Beautiful!

  2. Jeff looks like Riley! :) great picture

  3. Well, I did go on to become a national park ranger in Yellowstone, Everglades, and Big Bend, though not the gun-toting variety. Also, Smokey Bear just e-mailed me and said, "Only YOU can prevent bear mascot misidentifications."

    From brother Jeff

  4. Maybe 'Smokey' is holding his hands up in surrender because he is afraid you'll shoot him! You both look fierce! I remember playing cowboys back then - what fun. You have quite the fancy cowgirl outfit there, Pam.

  5. Ha too funny Jeff. The ole brain cells aren't what they used to be. Tell Smokey I apologize and will practice up on my bear identifications!

  6. Really cute photo! And I love the chair.