Friday, February 4, 2011

lattes with my youngest...and a giveaway related to a mustache

well he would look good with a mustache wouldn't he?
 we met for lattes (this is Seattle and that is what we do).
he was stylin' with his new goorin hat...
and fit right in at the oddfellows cafe...
one of my new favorite spots.
 and we shared a crusty sandwich with mozzarella, basil and tomato
 and the prerequisite lattes...
and driving home I happened to spot the quintessential geese while I waited at the red light.
if you are ever on a quiz show and they ask
"what is Pam Holderman's favorite thing about living the pacific northwest?"
just answer canada geese and you might win a million dollars.
and now for something totally random -
and if you happen to find yourself on another quiz show 
and are poised to win yet another million dollars,
and the question is 
"who is Pam Holderman related to 
that is very famous 
and has a famous mustache?" 
well I can help you with that answer too...
leave a guess here under comments 
and just maybe you could win something from me too -
sorry not a million dollars sadly,
but the first 4 to get the correct answer will get some of my cards.
hint - 
if you are friends with me on facebook then take a gander 
(hee hee a goose word to go with our pacific northwest theme)
at my middle name and that might give you a hint.
more hints to follow if no one gets it...

and family members may not answer - 
as you obviously know already
and I will close this random post with Nick's wonderful tree photo that I tweaked a little.


  1. very pretty pictures! :) and i know i know! now i'm related too! :) hee hee.

  2. I am going with Tom Selleck as my first guess... going to check out your FB page too! ( -:

  3. ps How was Oddfellows? I am writing an article about Meatless Mondays and I heard they participate in that

  4. ok i went to FB and now I am pretty impressed with

  5. Ah ha! You know you (read me) should always trust your instinct/intuition! When i first saw your name on FB (Stretching Within classmate) I wondered and then said...nahhhh - but, yeahhhh! Cool! My mom loves Tom Selleck, she thinks my husband looks like him...back when he sported the mustache.

  6. first of all... love, love, love your photoshop savvy! looks so cool. one day... also thank you for the baby boy encouragement. I am actually gettign really happy about it. It's making sense to me... and Tom Selleck?!? not bad!

  7. Hi Pam! You're related to Tom Selleck? I saw him once in the airport when I was on my way to Hawaii (a long time ago!) This is funny! Patsy from

  8. Yay finally four correct guesses! Yep I do believe he is my second or third cousin, but sadly I have never met him. My dad met him when Tom was a teenager. So Patsy, Erin and Dinnad I need your addresses. I already have Malias. I will be sending you some cards as promised. Good guessing thanks to Malia. :)