Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ever have one of those days?

This serendipitous photo was captured by me last fall...
I quickly cropped it and placed it in a blog post 
to wait for the "right" day to post it...
well 6 months later I'd say I found that day -
remember how I blogged here about how great our hands are?
well yesterday let's just say my poor right pointer finger
 just happened to disobey me while I was hedging the boxwood
 with an electric hedger...
I know - you are starting to squirm...
this was the result and now bed rest for the finger for 7 weeks...
so amidst all the trauma there was a "life is good" moment
as the surgeon today said we didn't need to do surgery as scheduled 
and we will just wait and watch to see if it heals correctly.
So there goes all the summer cleaning and yard work plans...
drat, guess I will be sitting on the patio drinking iced tea 
and hopefully I can learn to paint while my finger takes a vacation.

Oh yes and remember our mountain biking friend 
who was posing in the photo above ?
 We just heard that he had a bad jump and landed in the hospital 
for a couple of days, but is healing...
sheesh ... life takes sudden turns without using its turn signal
(as in a card I just got).

Hope you have a safe summer without unexpected turns...
anyone want to finish pruning my boxwoods for me?
Iced tea is on me.


  1. i thought my day was pretty crappy until i read your post, then i realized it paled by comparison. i'm so sorry for you! oh, you will enjoy the inability to have to do any household chores, etc...but then you will get do anything with your hand...
    i will pray for you...!!!

  2. Ohhhh Nooo! I fear power tools as they always attack me. I could feel your pain! I do have one suggestion though...maybe for a few dollars one of the local teenagers who love power tools could finish that hedge huh? Just a thought...
    Take care!
    Tina xo

  3. So sorry to hear about your poor finger. Maybe it will give you more time to relax and blog surf. :) Feel better soon!

  4. Actually this will make you even more creative . . this could be a blessing in disguise. Sandy:O)

  5. I KNOW you will find the silver lining in this and eventually it won't even be remembered as a "cloud" in your summer but an "opportunity!" Your hands are blessed and they bless the Lord so I know you will be healed and back at it once your time out has been completed... Trusting this is the sweetest "time out" you've ever had!

  6. I am so sorry! Hope it heals perfectly!

  7. I love that top photo!! ( not the finger one :)
    It should be framed! Now you can have a collection of work that will be painted without an index finger--you might discover something :)

  8. oh so sorry!! my brother lost the tips of three fingers last year doing this!!!!

    hope you heal quickly!!

  9. Hi Pam, thanks for visiting today and leaving such a lovely comment. Be sure to come back for a further look won't you? Hope your finger has healed up nicely now and you can get back to creating too. Claire x

  10. Hi Pamela! Linda Robison from the Flying Group sent me over! I feel your pain...LITERALLY! I wrecked my bike and found out I broke a bone in each hand! For an artist, I totally understand how frustrating it can be! Hope we both can heal quickly!!