Sunday, December 12, 2010

a Sunday blessing

I think it's kind of funny that we display glass ornaments
enclosed in jars with the lids tightly shut.
it makes them seem shut away from the world and
safely ensconced so they don't get hurt.
but then they don't get to illuminate the world with their beauty -
their purpose for being -
 to bring a smile to a young child's face...
 makes me wonder if we are hiding our talents and gifts
from the world -
setting them in glass jars with tightly closed lids?
 ... reminds me of Matthew 5:14 -  
You are the light of the world...
let your light shine before men...
all that beauty hidden away and instead 
it should be bubbling up and overflowing 
(just like this bowl) and spreading its gorgeousness
throughout the world.
Don't you think?
what if we each shared our gifts, and we each have different ones,
so whether yours is baking your favorite cookies for the grouchy neighbor,
or helping someone carry boxes into the extremely crowded post office,
or  making a homemade present for a loved one,
or just smiling at someone who needs it during this busy holiday season -
let your light shine on those around you.
our pastor shared a story last week about his neighborhood.  there has been road construction there for over a year.  and he was on his way to work, and feeling like he had a lot on his agenda, when he drove by the young woman who has been the flagger there.  it was very cold and she was shivering.  he waved at her and drove by, then heard this little voice saying "go back".  he listened and turned around and went back and asked her what kind of latte or mocha she would like (remember this is Seattle).  so he went to Starbucks (again - they are all over), took an extra 20 minutes out of his busy day, and as he drove back to deliver the much needed cup of hope - he could see her jumping up and down and dancing for joy.  how cool (or warm) is that!  thanks for inspiring us Reid with your faithfulness.
may I bring that abundant joy to many this advent season!
again these magazine photos are from my holiday stash so I can't give credit. 
 I had fun changing them with picnik and photoshop.


  1. This little light of mine, I`m gonna let it shine...
    Thanks for your beautiful words...

  2. hallo fox friend!
    your blog is just splendid!
    I enjoy your array of wonderment on display!
    <3 merry christmas!
    happy blogging! x x x

  3. Lovely photos!

    Linda & Dixie
    The Funky Junk Sisters

  4. Hi Pam, thanks for stopping by my Blog and the sweet comments. Funny how there are a certain few from our Flying Lessons that I feel I've known forever huh? No matter how many days or even weeks fly by, when I stop back over at your Blog, I feel at home like we're sharing a cup of tea. Gotta love that, such a rare blessing ...anyway I want to thank you for this story about the latte - I am going to carry that with me this week and see what random acts of kindness I can find to do. hugs.

  5. Pam, thank you for reminding me to remain faithful to keeping my eyes openned to the things of God in the people of God throughout my day. Your blog is such a delight of art and wonder, warmth and joy. I think of how you are creatively touching so many with your slice of art in this tech world. Thank you for the warm cup of coffee that you are in my life - Pastor Reid