Saturday, April 21, 2012

bye bye birdie

I am so behind in posting the kiddo's art work.
We finished our flock of birds months ago
and this post is finally ready to fly your way.
 I thought paper clay for the body would be perfect,
paper wings for flying,
as well as toothpick legs,
 and a base of cardboard for landing.
 Love the look of them nude...
 I also thought they would look more finished with some shrinky-dink accessories.
 So let me introduce you to a warrior
with quiver and bow
(as well as a bow tie)...
 and an artist and musician...
 and she looks rather eclectic...
 and King is ready to take off to survey his lands...
 and finally we end with love.
What could be better?
a fine bird party indeed.
It all started with this post found first on Pinterest.


  1. them Pam...Those children sure are lucky to have you as their art teacher! Happy little chicky's.... ALL of them

  2. Oh, how I wish I was a child and in your class. My heart is happy just visiting your blog. can't imagine the joy you fill those children with in your art classes.
    Keep up the great work.

  3. These are completely amazing!!!! Kudos to you and your wonderful students!!!

  4. These are wonderful. My daughter would love this. We only have 19 more days of school. This project might have to go to the top of the "school's out" list! So cute!

  5. You do such amazing things! I wish I were in your class :)

  6. Thanks everyone. Jenny they would make a great summer project. You would have time to do a whole flock. Let me know if you need any helpful ideas.

  7. The kids are very lucky to have you as their Art Teacher! Their work is amazing!