Monday, August 20, 2012

dream town USA

Just got the newest issue in the mail,
and I happened to turn to this page,
and if you were within 100 feet from me 
you would have heard a slight, or not so slight gasp
emit from my mouth,
as I happen to be jetting across this fine country tomorrow
to visit this dream town and visit these dream kids.
First Samwise (aka Puppycakes) will show me his favorite beach,
 and then Jonathan will show me his favorite beach,
and then kimberlyrenee will show me hers.
btw I stole these photos from her wonderful blog-
hope she will forgive me ;).
Tomorrow I will have my own photos of
dream town USA to share myself.-
if I can get all my chores done...


  1. Oh have a wonderful time...are these your kids? Must pick up that issue!

  2. Yep my son and daughter-in-law. They are there for one year while he gets his Masters of Theology.