Sunday, September 9, 2012

a Sunday blessing

a photo of a summer day 4 weeks ago 
when my oldest flew home because we knew Hank didn't have too many days left on this earth.
My dear sweet father-in-law passed away this week.
I really don't have any words to say,
just not even at that point yet.
My chest hurts and I feel numb and my brain isn't really working.
I also feel a tad panicked that I am going back into that dark spot
that I found myself in after my mom died last year.
I wasn't going to share, as my blog seems to be in transition 
and I was seriously planning on making it only about art, 
but then this photo stared at me this morning and I decided to be brave.
My son says it all right here
and I am so thankful for his words when mine fail.
Hug and love your parents this week...


  1. oh Pam. it's healing to be brave. wish i could give you a hug and cry with you. xoxo

  2. such precious words your son wrote...really got me when he said "he really died decades ago" his physical passing is really a glorious entrance...but i also know you still grieve his absence - deeply. may God bring sweet memories to your (and those who loved him) mind and heart to comfort as you walk this road.

    Grace and peace to you and yours!

  3. Thank you for painting a picture of your heart and your father-in-law with this tribute.
    PLEASE don't stop posting about your heart. The Lord uses these blogs in my life.

    Praying His presence will carry you through the next few days especially.

  4. Sending hugs and prayers and Thank You for sharing.