Thursday, June 6, 2013

My newest art at the gallery

 I decided to try some thing different.
You may remember I was making notebooks,
but what if you didn't want a notebook,
but liked the look.
So I created some art with the same idea.
 And of course I have to add words,
just because,
well they make me laugh,
and all old books should be given a second chance,
don't you agree?
 I would love to own a crow named Amelia whose nose was elevated.
 I am hoping to make these
as the price point will be much lower and
just hopefully these will allow me to make some monthly money
as I do have some big news...
No TAing next year. 
I will really miss those guys,
but it's time for a change.  
I will teach 3 after school art classes each week
so I will still get my kid-fix
spend the rest of my time
creating art!
Here are my pieces at the gallery
just waiting to go to a loving home.
Please come see!

1 comment:

  1. This looks awesome! Wish I could stop by!!! :)