Friday, September 13, 2013

back to school

Just love meeting new bright-eyed students filled with awe and wonder and hope.
Isn't that just the best?
Well this year is no exception and I must say - 
they all seem to be very talented too.
So I have two iPad classes and one mixed media at two different schools.
One iPad class will explore 3 different apps.
We started with Art Rage and explored making shapes 
and bucket-filling them with color.
The second iPad class is Bible Stories and I will show you
their version of Creation next week.  
My last class is Mixed Media and I had to do the swimming lesson again.
How can I not when they turn out these beauties?
they will be done next week.
I am tired but my art opening is tonight (just look at the post below),
so I guess I better wake up and smile because life is good,
yes it is ;)

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