Friday, April 25, 2014

When Picasso met Mona, then Matisse

What happens when you take several lower grade elementary students
and try and introduce the idea of cubism and Picasso
while you are recreating the Mona Lisa?
Well here are some examples.
I just love them - 
They are humorous and fun.
Check out the bling on them too.
For the record, the kids didn't see their pictures quite like I did.
They hated them to be honest.
Most wanted to rip them up on the spot even though I insisted they take them home.
Drat I won't be doing this lesson again.
I still think they are wonderful

 We also made Mona - iPad style.
Now they loved creating these.
And for the record - 
I thought they would think paint by number was lame,
but they sat silently for an hour and filled in each section.
Just goes to show you that you can never tell which lessons will be awesome
and which will flop.
Ahh such is life.
I read this fun book before we launched in to our version of Matisse's GoldFish.
We made them with tissue and glue and...
we drew them on the iPad too.
I love creating the same lesson on the iPads and in mixed media.
It works all the parts of the kiddos' brains and really stretches how they see the world.
Just love these guys!

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