Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Week in Instagram

 Our weather has been incredible.
This view took my breath away
after a deluge of rain and a battering of hail.
 This is my last bouquet of the season...
Dahlias, the three incredibly scented roses,
basil and a sunflower.
Alas I will miss them.
The sunflowers are still out and about.
But the deer climbed into the raised vegetable bed and knocked over this guy.
And I discovered this little fellow chomping away 
at the Dahlia Bush.
He had climbed four feet off the ground to get to this tasty leaf 
I let him enjoy his feast.
And Salmon Days came along with more people than fish.
 We were gifted with the biggest apples I have ever seen.

But finally the rain hit,
But at least one creature is happy about it.
Hope your week has been blessed.

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