Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Floyd whispered his name was Pierre

This is the story of Floyd who became Pierre and his friend Marcel.
 Once upon a time an artist named Pam wanted to try painting on birch panels.
She decided a fox would be fun to create.
 So she drew the fox then wood burned his outline into the birch panel.
She added some paint and decided he would be "dotty".
 He started to look "foxlike"
 and was happy with his green buttoned scarf which matched his eyes.
 But he was lonely so she made him a friend named Floyd.  
But as things often happen with kids, 
he insisted (very quietly) that he was not Floyd...
 but his name was Pierre.
Oh yes he also was a tad jealous of Marcel's pretty green scarf and he asked for one too.
 Then he was happy -can't you tell?
 They each decided they needed their photos taken so Pam obliged and made prints.
Pierre's has a plaque that says "It's all because I have a pretty face"
because he does have a pretty face,
And Marcel's print describes the definition of dapper because,
well he is.
Dapper - neat and trim in dress, appearance or bearing.
Their prints can be viewed in her Etsy shop.
Just click here to see.
Then Pierre decided to get into the holiday spirit.
You can see his regalia here.
 So to finish up our tale of friendship,
Marcel and Floyd (oops I mean Pierre) are now living in a very nice gallery
amongst other beautiful pieces of art. 
They got to meet their uncle who likes to paint and fish 
and he has been living at another exhibit 
and was just released to come meet them.
So if you would like to visit them then check out 
artEAST in Issaquah WA.
The End

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