Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Jack and the Beanstalk, Tunnel Books and serious Cuteness!

 Time for Tunnel Books!
 We made fairy tale books in one class,
and gnomes and mushrooms in another.
The students were learning how to draw with layers in the Brushes XP app.
So we made a background and several inner layers as well as a front cover.
 Then each page was sandwiched accordion-style in between.
Here are some of their cute imaginary gnome, mushroom and village books.
I think I want to live in this house!
The trimester finished this week
so I figured it was time for me to show you 
some of the other goodies we created this fall and winter.
The kids love seeing their work on mugs
and here are some other pieces that were created
that make me smile!
I love drawing on the iPad with them.  
It is a great 'learning to draw' tool.
Hope we made you smile.
just let me know.

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