Friday, April 24, 2015

MATS Bootcamp Poster

 Here is my submission to Lilla Roger's class
Make Art that Sells Bootcamp.
I am adoring this class!
 This month's assignment was to design a poster
for an upcoming art event in Brighton England.
 First we played around with lettering.
I haven't really done any since the 70's.
So this era found its way into my iPad design.
 Then I tried some freehand drawing and actually liked the different styles.
 I kept envisioning a girl heading to the gathering with all her art supplies
(yep that would be me--always over prepared)
and of course my corgi had to come with me.
Then I cut her out and scanned her onto a grid background.
 It went onto the iPad and the fun continued!
I added the British flag, 
a small photo of the Wheel, 
the Brighton Dome where the event will be held,
a photo of my yardstick, 
my paint palette,
and a stamp with a young Queen Elizabeth.
I then changed the font for the final picture at top.
Phew I think I am done.
Now on to some messy prep for some wood wrapped pieces
that will be loose and fun--
always need to do loose stuff after tight work at the pixel level.

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